Tips For More Sustainable Living

A recent UN report highlighted the realities of global warming and it is about time to start acting in a sustainable way. Sustainable choices aren’t only beneficial for the environment but they can also help you stay healthy and even make you save more money. If you want to enjoy these benefits then here are a few tips for making you live in a more sustainable way.

Be Smarter With Food

If you want to live in a more sustainable way then the key is to be smarter with your food. The key things to focus to are buying locally produced food and only buying food which you are going to use.
A huge amount of food is wasted every day just because we like to buy a little bit more than we need when we go food shopping. You might also look at leftovers and think that there is no new use for them but consuming what you buy is really important.
So budget and plan for your weekly shopping and make sure you check recipes online first before throwing away your leftovers. Try to always by only local products because moving food around the world is very costly in terms of the health of the planet.

Check Your Energy Consumption

You also need to start finding ways to cut down your energy consumption. You often don’t even need to drastically cut down your habits in order to save energy as well as money. Small things like unplugging items that aren’t in use or switching appliances and lights off when not in use can help you cut down on energy.
You should also think about turning down your heating just a little bit to save money and energy. Make sure you also check that the insulation in your home is sufficient enough because this is often a really big factor behind high-energy wastage.
Always buy appliances that have green energy certification and which are very energy efficient. The great thing about paying attention to energy use with different gadgets can make you more aware of your own consumption and can really see the difference these small changes can make.

Understand Your Water Use

Conserving water is going to be one of the major things that we have to tackle in the next few years. The good thing is that there are a lot of great things that you can do already to ensure that you cut down on your water consumption.
For example, by opting for water efficient faucets you can end up consuming almost 50% less water. This is a huge amount and will not only cut down your utility bill but will also help the environment a lot. You can even shop for eco-friendly shower heads online and thus making the change is really simple.

There are also a lot of small little actions around the house you can do to cut down water consumption. For instance, always running both the dishwasher and washing machine completely full can help save you money. Find out more at the Water Use It Wisely website.

Author Bio:
Alan is into sustainable living and he is always checking new tips for making us live in a more eco-friendly way. He is also learning more about cooking and has become a real master in making fish pies.
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