Stay Connected With Remote Desktop Printing Software

As technology has progressed, the way computers and printers communicate amongst each other has as well. Almost all computers are now connected remotely, on the cloud as some say, to a central network where administrators can pick and choose which part of the network each user may access. This is what platforms have been developed for; to connect computers on a unified network. However, the benefits don’t come without a downside: compatibility issues, lack of security, and slow processing are major issues for any devices operating on a remote network. The solution is remote desktop printing software, which will transform an otherwise complicated process into a very simple click-and-print action.

The biggest concern with any network is compatibility issues. A network is nearly useless if the devices connected to it are incompatible. Different printers come with their own respective drivers (software which allows the printer and the device to function together), as well as their own separate problems. To fix this major inconvenience remote desktop printing
software uses a process called file reformatting, where each print command sent by a machine is reformatted as a PDF file. The end result: no more driver installations. Just install the printing software on each machine and you’re ready to print, even if you’re using a brand new printer.

Security is another issue left unaddressed by network platforms. It’s up to you as a business owner to keep the files you print safe from prying eyes, and the right printing software will do just that. Leaving your printing network unmanaged means files sent over the network are unencrypted and open for viewing. There’s no way to prevent these files from being intercepted, but printing software will do the next best thing: lock files being sent for printing. Standard encryption is nearly impossible to break, and will keep any files sent over a network safe. 

Speed is another thing administrators typically give up when operating on a remote network. Despite advances in internet speeds, processing speeds and computers, when different
devices are communicating, it will always result in slower data transmission. In a business setting you’ll also find most employees are sending commands to the exact same printer. The fix is to centrally manage all printing, rather than allowing each user to manage which printer they print out of. Combined with universal file reformatting, most speed lost to cloud computing is recovered.

Printing software handles many different roles on a network, and its biggest role is maintaining teamwork. Teamwork is the cornerstone of any business. With teamwork comes efficiency, which leads to more time, and more money. Teamwork is exactly what printing software has to offer, allowing all printers on a network to work towards one common goal: process all printing requests as quickly and effectively as possible.

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