Post Production: Free Video Converters for Every Device

Content is abundant on the Internet; better yet, free video content is widely available.  However, with a plethora of gadgets allowing one to view the content, it’s difficult to keep track of what can be viewed where, and on which device.  Video converter programs and applications help anxious viewers seamlessly convert formats and files into veritable viewing experiences.

A trove of video resources, offered to the public free of charge, get heavy traffic and downloads. Learn more about five of the most popular below.

Any Video Converter Free

The app does what the name assumes.  It makes it easy (and free) to convert videos to a preferred format.  Moreover, users are able to grab videos straight from YouTube, making the video tool incredibly easy and convenient for those who want to listen in the car, while working out, or on the go.  Editing features allow for cropping and screen trimming, attracting novice videographers to the tool.

However, shaky reports make the Any Video Converter perhaps too good to be true.  Mention of slower conversion times and poor graphics depending on preference cost rating points.  Moreover, the ‘burn to DVD’ option is quirky and sometimes inoperable.  Despite some technical problems, people report no qualms with its ability to drag and play Web videos.

Free Studio

Free Studio is one app among a library of tools engineered to handle users’ video needs.  Download, rip, alter, convert and burn media files with this tool.  Free Studio, with a sleek user experience, delivers at subpar levels.  Experts encourage users to seek other options if in need of a comprehensive video tool.

Raters did like the speed at which the tool converts mp4 files, recommending limiting usage for such strict purposes.

Format Factory

The Format Factory application does all the things you want a converter to do, with some extras, including watermark and subtitling, built-in presets, and bonus audio and image types.  Complete supremacy is yet proven, but raters liked all the bells and whistles attached to the video tool.

Testers give Format Factory an 8 out of 10 rating, mentioning disappointment regarding a failed conversion test.

YouTube Video Converter

YTD makes its distinction addressing a wide array of formats, able to import YouTube files, audio images, DVDs and more.  The movie files can be converted to various video file formats, like MP3, MP4, AVI and MPEG among others, to ensure operation on most portable devices.  Demos and pictures help users export video content to appropriate smart phones.  The output file format support is limited; the only poor observation noted by raters.


Handbrake has existed for ten years, making it the most experienced video application on the list.  It’s gained a reputation among Apple users, transcoding videos destined for play on Apple devices.  Don’t dismiss the application based on Apple devotion.  If a device can play mp4 files, the Handbrake application is useful.

However, due to limited presets and ability to convert files (mp4 and MKVs only), the tool received a 6 out of 10 score.

The following video conversion tools are free and offered for a variety of devices.  The ratings are based on limited data and subjective anecdotes, so it’s urged the reader seek further information based on video needs and desires.

Make sure you remember to respect IP when downloading.

Author Bio:
Steven Young is an avid photographer and film enthusiast. He loves writing about what he has learned, so he can help others create great videos, too.

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