Learning About Website Development Tools For Small Businesses

As a potential business owner you should know that a setting up a good website for your business would be one of the most crucial responsibilities of yours. However, even the thought of creating an impressive website and get it up and running, might freak you out big time. But please remember that a site works as the calling card for your business and you don’t really need to be well-versed with complex HTML or else have a huge budget in order to get your website up and running within 10 minutes or so. If you’re willing to invest some of your precious time in educating yourself about the easy to use web design tools, you can end up with great results for yourself.

Make sure that you’re turning to online resources in a bid to learn about some of the coolest web development tools or sites, ideal for small businesses. Here we are, presenting you some of them. Do take a look!

Webs: Webs, Inc. is the largest do-it yourself website designing tool. It offers a good mix of SEO, templates, ecommerce and social media tools besides a thoroughly professional look and feel for your site. Almost 50 million sites have taken its help to create their websites. It’s advisable that you avail the low premium small business package (worth around $ 8 per month). They do have a free version available but it’s not that effective.

Yola: Once, again regarded as one of the ideal website design tools for small business owners, Yola offers free website hosting and building tools. They  have extended help to thousands of professionals out there to create the sites by uncomplicated drag and drop editing. If you’re ready to create a unique URL in the paid domain of around $ 100 a year then you can significantly benefit from it. It has a free version as well.

GoDaddy: This portal offers you much more than just domains. Here you get the chance to host your website, avail the URL and every other tool required for running a specific business online. Website Tonight is the website product of GoDaddy that offers design and hosting opportunities along with access to well-known add-ons like Quick Shopping Cart® and SmartSpace®. One of the most availed shopping cart aids-Quick Shopping Cart®, brings together eBay and Google and incorporates many options including shipping rates.

Wix. Com: This one, again, it is a drag and drop platform that aids you in learning about creation of websites without having the knowhow of programming. There are a number of templates available in this free flash-oriented site host and creator.

Intuit: This one is recommended as it’s an effective and easy to use way to secure a duly customized website, without appointing a designer for the same. Once again, you won’t be required to learn about complicated HTML codes in order to create a site. Backed by a robust customer service, Intuit offers templates that have been created keeping the varied needs of small business owners in mind.

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