3 Advantages to Buying Your Laptop Used

There are plenty of companies, such as SCC Trade, out there trying to sell second hand laptops, but you might be having a hard time persuading yourself away from the shiny new ones available in stores and online. If that sounds like you, we’re here to help tear you away from the new laptops and towards the used market. Here’s a comprehensive list of the 3 best advantages to buying your laptop second hand.

Keep Up with Technology

The rate of technological acceleration is ever increasing, and this makes it almost impossible to lead a lifestyle where you always have the latest and greatest in consumer tech. This obviously extends to laptops, where the average lifespan of a new machine is around 2 years, and is outdated literally on the day – or even before – you leave the store with it. With lower price tags, however, a second hand machine can purchased more regularly, meaning that you’re not going to feel pressured into using your laptop until it is on the brink of collapse before you purchase a new one. 

Explore and Experiment

With an expensive new machine, it’s unlikely that you’re going to do much experimenting with the hardware or software configurations for fear of breaking it – despite the fact that you might be able to squeeze extra performance out of it if you do. With a second hand laptop however, the risk is lessened by the lower price tag, meaning you’ll feel less guilty about taking the back off and replacing the existing HDD with a SSD, for example. Experimenting will improve your overall computer literacy, and will give you a great sense of mastery and achievement. 

A Child’s First Laptop

It might be the case that your kids are clamouring for a new laptop, but if they’re young and inexperienced, the last thing you might want to do is let them loose on a new and expensive machine. A viable alternative, however, is a high quality second hand laptop which runs all of the applications they’re likely to want and use on a regular basis, but comes at a lower, more affordable price tag. Kids aren’t necessarily sensible 100 percent of the time, so a less expensive laptop is idea for them at that age.

So there you have it: 3 advantages to buying your laptop second hand.

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