10 Must-Have Tools For Every Serious Blogger

Unless maintaining a blog is a hobby, bloggers must make every working hour count! It takes time to craft the perfect article, eye-catching slideshow or unique video. You need all the help you can get, and fortunately, there are a ton of apps and tools you can use.

Sometimes it can get a bit overwhelming choosing which app to use with the numerous tools being developed weekly. Every tool you install you have to learn and master. This takes time, and you're short on it as it is. That is why it is useful to know which tools are most useful for your blogging experience.

According to Forbes, there are 20 apps that help small business owners excel. However, for the writer, check out these 10 must-have apps/tools for every serious blogger.

1. Google Analytics

Love 'em or hate 'em, there's not doubt that Google has the "skinny" on the demographics. Wondering who visits your blog? What keywords your followers are searching for? Google has that info and is willing to share.

2. Dropbox

Got to love the "cloud!" This handy tools allows you to load files, even large ones, into the cloud which is accessible anywhere. You can also share files, allow others to edit them, and send them anywhere.
Another great use of Dropbox is syncing it with your website backup tool. 

3. Pinterest

As a blogger, you need inspiration--by the truckload! Let photos inspire your next blog post. Download the Pinterest app for inspiration any time.

4. Wix

There's more than a few free website providers out there but Wix is absolutely the best. The templates are gorgeous and building a web presence is easy to do.

5. Skype

Preparing for an interview? Skype is the perfect tool/app for talking to your subject face to face without hopping on a plane!

6. LinkedIn

Find out who knows who with a tool like LinkedIn. If you create a detailed, engaging profile, you may even attract new viewers or clients. (It has happened!)

7. Easy Writer

Put that iPad to work. Load the Easy Writer program then dictate those blog posts right into your inbox. It's as easy as talk and send.

8. GoToMeeting

So why would a blogger need GoToMeeting? One rich vein of income for bloggers is the online classroom! Hold an online class (for a minimal fee of course) for your viewers using a GoToMeeting. If you prefer totally free then give AnyMeeting a try.

9. SEO Ranking

Keep that keyword list growing with SEO Ranking. It sends you a daily digest of your favorite SEO phrases. You'll know what's trending ahead of the competition.

10. EverNote

Tired of searching for which file is where? That's where EverNote can help. This handy tool consolidates your notes, photos and projects in one handy place.
Ready to start the year off with all the tools you need? You can do it! Reach out for more app and tool suggestions to improve your blogging experience.

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By Ivana Zuber
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