10 Beginner Business Ideas For 2014

It's the start of the year and what better way to light the torch than starting your own business.
“Me, start a business? I don't have the money.”
Yes, you. You don't need to have a lot of money just to be able to start a business of your own. As long as you have the right idea that suits your knowledge and skills, you can start a business.
So as a beginner entrepreneur, what business ideas are available? Again, these business ideas don't require you to spend tons of money, but having some spare cash can help push the endeavor further.

1. WordPress Theme Reviewing

Blogs are very popular nowadays and most bloggers choose the Wordpress platform as a home for their posts. If you know the ins and outs of WordPress themes, this will be a good business for you. All you need to do is review WordPress themes and make money through affiliate commission. In other words, you will help sell the WordPress theme, but with your own review - to help buyers figure out what theme they really need.

2. CV Writing

Curriculum Vitae or CV is a requirement for anyone who looks for a job. It represents the applicant's skills and qualifications. Thus, it is very important that a CV is done correctly and properly. And let's face it, many people do not have an idea of how to make a great CV or how to revise what they have. This can be your job and your business. You can sell CV templates or take custom job orders. People will pay for such service if it means increasing their chances to land a job. No money needed here.

3. English Tutoring or Teaching

English is the primary international language and everyone wants to learn it. However, not every non-English speaking person has the time to look for an English tutor wherever they live. This is where you come into the picture by offering online English tutoring or teaching. You can create video tutorials, manuals or go for Skype voice or video chats. You may need to spend on building a professional website though.

4. Manuals or Courses for Kids

For most of the year, kids go to school. But this doesn't mean that they can't learn something new during their free time at home and parents would love that too. Your business can be about making manuals or courses for kids. It can be entrepreneurship, technology, baking, cooking, writing or whatever courses that kids can learn at their young age. Of course, you just have to make the manuals kid-friendly. No money needed here.

5. Security Check for Websites

If you are someone who knows how to do a security check on websites, this is a very good business idea for you and you won't have to spend a dime too. All you need to do is check a website for security vulnerabilities and present them to your client. You can also offer to fix those vulnerabilities for a fee. Many site owners cannot afford to get their websites hacked or breached, especially if they have invested in it. Now you can actually put your skills to profitable use.

6. Recording Lessons on Video

For this one, you may have to invest in a good video camera with good audio features as well. Your job is to go with instructors and teachers and take a video of their lessons, seminars, coaching sessions and etc. Many people wish they had the chance to review the lessons they've sat through, but unfortunately, not every teacher records videos.

7. Online Researching

A lot of employers are searching online for people they can hire to do research. The main reason is because this will be cheaper than hiring an offline researching companies to do the task. If you have the researching skills, this will be an easy and a suitable job for you. And it won't be difficult to get clients online too. Just a tip, you may want to build your portfolio to show clients how thorough your research can be. Also, you may want to focus on specific niches.

8. Problem/How-to Website

The most common purpose why people go online is to look for a solution to their problem. And since you want to earn money, you give these people what they want. You build a website where people can post their problems and at the same time, share their own solutions. People can also just willingly share how to do something on your site. How can you earn from this? Through membership and ads. But initially, you'll only need to spend a little on your website.

9. Vegan Education

More and more people are becoming vegans. Making this switch in diet lifestyle will need more help than what people think. Even making the transition can be a tough thing to do. If you are a vegan yourself, you can share your knowledge with these people through making courses or manuals to help them out. You can start with a website and promote your courses there. Making recipe manuals and other things they need to know about being a vegan or about vegan foods is great too.

10. Car Selling

Do you know how many people want to sell their car but can't be bothered doing so? What they do is go to a buy/sell website and just post their listings there. Selling cars this way can take a while. Your business will be about selling a car for someone and earning money through commissions. You can build a website where you can feature the car you're selling and do offline marketing too (this depends on location of the client). You will be responsible for matching buyer and seller.

What idea is your favorite one? What suits your skill set and knowledge? Feel free to share your own beginner business ideas too.

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