Ford's 7 Finest Moments In History

Whether you’re a die-hard Holden fan or a general car enthusiast, few would be ignorant of the iconic vehicles that the Ford Motor Company has produced over its 100-year history. From the revolutionary to the stylish, from the powerful to the luxurious, Ford has developed a reputation for introducing game changing vehicles into the market that have had a profound impact on how we travel – and how we see cars in general.

Read on to reminisce about seven of Ford’s greatest vehicles, from how they were received to how they went on to influence the industry as a whole.

1. Model-T Ford

Undeniably the most important and revolutionary move by Ford was to unveil the Model-T Ford to American customers in 1908. The vehicle Ford put out was, compared to other vehicles of its time, incredibly good value for money. It was much cheaper than many of its competitors’ offerings, and on the whole it was a highly economical and efficient mode of private transport.
The Model-T wasn’t the first proper car to be designed, and there were many that followed it, but for its price and its availability it was revolutionary: opening up a vehicle industry that had previously been reserved only for the elite and exclusive among society.

2. Ford Mustang

The Ford Mustang was a car that oozed status. It told those who saw it that its driver was carefree but cool; that they were both a speed-demon and a charmer. The Mustang was and is a powerful vehicle and it certainly wasn’t cheap, but it came with an image and social value that made it irresistible to rebels and bad-boys America-wide and, eventually, in places all around the world. Today the car is still bought for its historical and cultural value, and will likely be in demand by car-lovers for some time to come.

3. Ford F150 Truck

When it comes to yard work and the need for a solid vehicle to do jobs in, or even just get from point A to point B, it’s hard to overlook the formidable market-presence of the Ford F150 Truck. This vehicle is the highest selling in all of America, and revised versions of it continue to top sales charts the world-over even today. The grunt of this vehicle and its affordability are two reasons why this might be, along with the established pedigree the Ford Company has.

4. The Ford Explorer

While the Ford Explorer might seem like a standard SUV to many, the important thing about this vehicle and what makes it go down in history is that it was a predecessor to many of the SUV models on the market today. If it weren’t for the explorer, who knows what our off-road travels would be like today. Regardless of this, the Explorer performed extremely well in terms of sales and has been snatched up by many a driver in the years it has been around.

5. Ford Taurus

This vehicle was for a long time the most popular-selling SUV across all of America and other parts of the world. It came out as part of Ford’s efforts to compete against the ‘family car’ models being put out by other competitors. Ford’s entry into this field was aggressive, and in little time the Taurus was the number one selling SUV on many a market. Eventually it was pushed aside by Honda and Toyota models, but the success it brought Ford and its historical context make this a vehicle worth remembering positively.

6. Ford Fusion Hybrid

And so, now in the world of green and hybrid technologies, we have another Ford success story with the Ford Fusion. Popular in places all around the world, and particularly so in Europe, this car performs efficiently with its fuel and reduces pollution by relying on a combination of clean energy and petrol. Perhaps Ford’s success with the vehicle is at least partly attributable to the changing attitudes of people regarding renewable energies.

7. Ford Crown Victoria

What list of cars would be complete without a nod to the old 1980s-1990s matchbox police car, the Ford Crown Victoria? Police have used the car heavily over the past few decades, meaning that for many years it was considered suitable to pursue suspects at high speeds down crowded freeways – if it’s used for all that, there surely must be something of worth in this little police workhorse.

    Author Bio:
    Sally Watkins is a third year arts student who loves her vintage cars. She’s also a huge fan of the Ford SUV range and uses her SUV for things from shopping trips to hiking in Sydney’s national parks.
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