FLOTE: Hands-free tablet Stand

FLOTE™ is the world's finest brand of articulating ergonomic stands for iPad and virtually all other tablets and e-readers.

Studies indicate that holding a tablet for long durations can often cause muscle pain and fatigue, particularly in our upper body. Even a case that props up your tablet is often not an ergonomic solution. Using the ergonomic FLOTE frees your hands & body from discomfort so that you enjoy your tablet for hours.

FLOTE stands provide a magical hands-free experience but do not detract from the experience of using sleek and delicate technology like today's tablets. Instead, FLOTE becomes an extension of that technology, making your content seem as though it is floating in front of you. 

Both the FLOTE m2 floor stand and FLOTE Desktop are compatible with virtually any tablet on the market, with or without a case, and do not require any special adapters. FLOTE comes with a thirty (30) day guarantee and a one (1) year warranty.

Learn more at FloteYourTablet.com

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