10 Amazing Apps For Builders

The most handy instrument for today's builders is not a level or a saw. It's a cell phone. Because of the extensive variety of applications accessible today, your smart phone can give you a chance to survey CAD drawings, ascertain load up feet of wood, supplant your level and do endless different things to help you finish more work in less time. Enlisted below are 10 amazing applications that anybody in the development business may as well ponder – no matter you are an android or an iPhone user.


This application permits you to draw houses, connects, plans of flats, mechanical parts, geometrical figures and any other structure just by the use of your fingers. You can save the final design and mail it. This could be utilized by architects, engineers, surveyors and understudies.


This is a suitable app for iPhone and iPad users. It allows you to craft and export the project plan such that the access to blueprint at the job site is convenient. Contractors or real estate agents need not have to carry any papers as everything would be available to them while on the go.


Being one of the highly rated applications in the store, it allows you to obtain an accurate data of how much concrete must be used for a certain type of project. The measurement scale unit is flexible, with sq-feet and cubic yard as the default choice.

Easy measure

With this amazing app, you can say goodbye to measuring tapes. It can measure distances from one point to the other, dimensions of a room and other estimated measurements. It is available for iPhone and iPad users for free and is a great tool for builders and developers.


Popular among contractors and developers, this application is an ideal choice to review the leveling of a divider. The phone is held in a landscape view till the bubble comes to the center followed by utilizing the red horizontal line to indicate inclination, if there is any. No inclination implies that the wall is level.

Mobile PlanRoom

Officially a construction app for iPad users; it makes life easier for engineers and architects by allowing them to access the project sketch without the trouble of handling too many papers. A web-based application “builditlive.com” is synchronized with it to allow the users to share any information over electronic media.


An application that allows a real estate agent or a contractor to know about the real value of a property in a particular area. All you need is to upload a snap of the local property up for sale and this free app will give you the monetary analysis and much more.

Carpenter’s help

It is easily one the most popular app among contractors and allows you to gather an estimate for project components like fencing, decking, framing and all kind of relevant carpentry stuffs. This way, you are sure about how to manipulate people and resources. It comes in both free and paid version for iPhone users, however latter is worth a buy.

Google SketchUp Cookbook

This is an ideal app for both beginners and intermediate level professionals. It guides you through the process of home designing and development given that you face problems upfront. It is a useful tool for anyone who desires to enhance their designing skills to a professional level.


In conjunction with the SmartBidNet software, this app allows a user to be in touch with their clients and subcontractors. It provides complete project information such as location or area and also the deadline and the bill due date.

These apps make life a lot easier for the professionals who are already burdened by excess load of work. It helps them administer their service better without any chaos. On the other hand, it averts a lot of paper-use and encourages eco-friendly approach to the scheme of things.

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Brendan loves blogging about new apps and technologies and works alongside a home builder company
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