5 Useful Books For Web Designers And Developers

Web designing and developing is an industry that constantly changes – new recourses appear, users’ demands shift with the constantly developing world. Plenty of books are published on this topic every season but due to shortage of time you cannot read all of them. Below I’ve compiled a list of books worth reading, some of them can be downloaded on FreeBooksBay – just search for web designers.

Adaptive Web Design by Aaron Gustafson

This book is a must-have for every successful and serious web designer. It consists of six chapters and every chapter explains a new aspect of the term ‘progressive enhancement’. At the beginning we learn what a progressive enhancement is and how it can be used in website building. Then the book illustrates progressive enhancement in terms of HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Accessibility. Adaptive Web Design helps understand how to apply progressive enhancement properly and the importance of working for users not browsers.

Design Is A Job by Mike Monteiro

Written by co-founder of Mule Design, Design is a job is a book that illustrates all areas of designer work. It is full or true funny stories in which Mike describes mistakes he made and what he learnt from them. That is why the book is very easy to read and a real page turner. You will find here information about working with clients and how to find them, how to present your design andHTML earn money and much more. There’s advice for all categories of designers that can be used in everyday work.

Content Strategy for the Web by Kristina Halvorson

Content makes your website unique and in this book you will find confirmation to the fact. Kristina Halvorson’s book makes you understand the importance of the good content and how valuable it is nowadays. People working with web development not always realize that content adds to their success and helps to attract more users to the website. Nowadays web is filled with cheap content and it often happens due to the low budget or paying not enough attention to the fact. Content Strategy will make you change your mind and prove the value of useful and usable content.

Client Centric Web Design by Paul Boag

In this book the author uncovers the negative attitude of the web developers towards clients. Very often designers see their clients as a barrier between them and users neglecting the importance of fulfilling the clients’ requirements and needs. The book teaches how to build good relationships with clients and to benefit from such cooperation.

HTML5 & CSS3 For The Real World By Estelle Weyl, Louis Lazaris and Alexis Goldstein

The new web technologies namely HTML5 & CSS3 are becoming more and more popular. With their help you can create dynamic stylish websites that are better optimized and easily built. The book is full of real-world advice and useful information on new HTML5 and CSS3 resources for web designers and developers. There are also many vivid examples, so you can learn a lot from this book.

All these books provide useful up-to-date information in simple language, easy to read and implement in the everyday work. They are rather brief but contain so many facts and true-life examples that you only gain from reading them.

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