15 Mobile Apps For Construction Workers

The market for smartphones and tablets has tremendously increased. In fact, it is normal to find people using their smartphones and tablets at job sites to make their work easier and convenient. Whether you’re an engineer or a project executive, using the right mobile apps can help you perform efficiently in your task. Let’s take a look at 15 top mobile apps for construction sites. 

Bluebeam Revu for iPad: 

This app is available in iTunes. Those who are looking for an app that can allow them to access PDF files on the go, can try out this application. It allows you to access, and make changes to the PDF files on the go. It also gives you the ability to review projects with other associates in real time. 

Safety Symbol Library: 

The app is available in iTunes. It gives you access to look up SDS and symbols used in the business everyday. You also get a comprehensive guide on safety instructions and warning messages in the form of a technical documentation. 

Scanner Pro by Readdle: 

The application is available in iTunes. As the name suggests, the application allows you the scan documents, drawings, site pictures and convert them into readable PDF files. You can even upload the scanned documents on Google Docs and share them with whomever you wish to. 

Autodesk BIM 360 Field: 

The application is available in iTunes. It allows you to create, update and share documents related to the project. The BIM models can also be viewed in 3D, giving you access to track the design and progress. 


The application is available on iTunes. This application is used by district managers for ease access of code books. You can bookmark, and highlight the pages you wish to see or simply jump to a page by clicking on the chapter title in the table of content

ICC Market: 

The app is available in iTunes. It helps you to keep necessary codes and references on your fingertips. You can browse through all ICC codes, purchase the references books title and use them as and when required. 

ATASATAS Product Line: 

The application can be purchased from iTunes store. The app is created to let people through different ATAS products and get related information on the move. The app allows users to go through recent project installations and provide information on different aspects of ATAS products. 

GoTo Meeting: 

The app is available in iTunes and Google Play. It is an easy way to collaborate with everyone person who is involved in the project. The application works on iPhone, iPad, or iPod. It allows you to host and join a schedule meeting, while having access to design mockups, presentations and other important documents on the go. 


The application is available in iTunes and Google Play. It is a cloud based application, which allows you to access important documents on the go. With this application, you need not worry about forgetting your important files on the desktop. Best part is, you can access, edit and share the files from any device. 


The application is available in iTunes and Google Play. This is a great app that can help you find the places of your interests with just a few clicks. Whether you are looking for a gas station, restaurant or supermarket, just fill in your preferences and you’ll get a list of locations on the map, with routes and contact information of each business.   


The application is available in iTunes and Google Play. You can easily research on your projects, find samples and roofing materials. This application by Englert Inc. also allows you to place sales order for roof plans and materials in any profile and color. You can also look for quick installation guide. 

iAnnotate PDF: 

The application is available in iTunes and Google Play. iAnnotate allows you to mark up, read and share documents, images and other kind of files to as many people as you can, in any format. The customizable and comprehensive features make the work a lot of easier for the user. 

Firestone BP: 

The application is available in iTunes. It helps users to explore the working of Firestone Building Products and how they integrate people, products and systems in order to find the best building solutions as per the individual needs. The app lets you view the Firestone Building Products and solutions in the real-world settings, to help you interpret the designs well. It also provides product specifics for better understanding. 

DeWalt Mobile Pro: 

The application is available in iTunes. It offers fully featured high end calculator and reference tools to professional contractors. It comes with a set of construction and scientific calculator, making the calculation for area, length, volume easy and accurate. It also includes information on important topics such as finished materials, site work, trim work, and more.


The application is available in iTunes and Google Play. It is developed by Umicore Building Products' to help users easily find and review the company's building products. The app is basically an extension of the official website of VMZINC. It is easy to navigate and lets you browse different products offered by the company. 

Author Bio:
Darren is a passionate business blogger about new technologies and works as a supplier of Westrac construction equipment and tools.

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