Pros and Cons of Popular Printing Technologies

Printing is a process which is used to reproduced text and images. It is done typically by Appling ink on paper using the printing press. It is mostly carried out as a large scale printing process. It is an important part of transaction and printing. Woodblock printing was the earliest form of it.  There are examples from china which are more than two thousand years old. There were also similar examples found in Egypt which was from, the fourth century. After that there was another type of printing technology. It was the movable type. It was developed by Bi Sheng in China. The first modern technology for printing was used by Johannes Gutenberg. He made world first printing machine in 1439.After this invention the printing process of books was much easier. Gutenberg’s Machine was used movable type. This allowed producing more books and spread education and knowledge all around the globe to help many people.

Printers Are an Essential Part of any Workplace and School Infrastructure
Now thanks to advanced technologies printing process has become faster, cheaper, versatile and efficient. Books can be easily mass produced within a short time span. The quality of the print is also very high. There are various printing technologies to choose from. Here are some popular technologies used in modern times.

Offset Lithography Technology:
It is famously known as Offset printing. It is considered very cost effective. This is the reason many in the printing industry prefer the process. It also prints fast keeping the quality high. This is because the printing machine is easy to set up and use. You just need the proper plates to make it work. The working principle is simple. The roller plates first run through water. After that it runs through ink. The ink adheres to the areas with images and water adheres to the white spaces. Before pressing on the paper it is applied on a rubber plate. One of the drawbacks of the process is the plates. After the layout is made into the plate, omissions cannot be effortlessly changed.

This is the process originally done by Gutenberg. The technology has advanced from the original but the working principal is the same. The image which will be printed is always higher than printing surface. After that the plate will be pressed on paper. With advancement of technology this process is becoming obsolete.

Digital Printing:
The best option for printing high quality images in a layout is Digital printing. The images will appear perfectly and would not become blurry on printing. This process is becoming popular because of using it we can get high quality prints quickly and directly from a computer. There is no need of any plates. So it is easier to do and requires lesser man power. The process is expensive due to the paper and ink used. The color of the print can also be difficult to predict. It is because the color might seem different on the monitor.

If you want to print something then go through the above technologies and select the best one according to your purpose. These methods are used worldwide and have proven themselves to be the most suitable technologies for printing purposes.

Summary: There are many printing technologies available in the market. Out them 3 popular and widely used technologies are discussed.

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