The Rise Of Modern Technology

Technology is undeniably impressive and in recent times its evolution has been unprecedented in speed. If we can think back to a mere 10 years ago, there were no Ipads, no tablets and no smart phones, now our lives run of these things. It's scary to think how dependent we are on these small pieces of technology, we can't really live without them nor would we want to live without them.

The profits made by these companies are incredible and it just reflects the importance of internet in our day to day life. If all of these modern products weren't able to access the internet they wouldn't sell at all, their brilliance is personified by high speed internet access 24 hours a day. Big business, small companies, and banks, everything in 2013 is run by some form of internet access and thus the rise in technology is correlated to that.
So long as internet has such a prominent role in our lives then concurrently the rise in technological advancement will continue. This article will highlight the role three technological developments within our society.

Smart Phones

This is the starkest form of growth. Almost everyone has a Smartphone nowadays with an even split between the Iphone, Androids and Blackberry's. It is frightening the sheer volume of these phones now, and that comes down to contracting instead of buying and the rise in technology has caused the introduction of these phones into businesses all across the globe.
Large companies ensure their employees all have the latest smart phone in order for them to keep track of the latest share prices or to simply instant message colleagues.
They are essential to the efficient running of big business and enable them to diversify and intensify their workload.


These are a new phenomenon but with the Ipad and also rival tablets coming to the fore the competition in this market is becoming very strong. They are in effect an adaptation of the Ipod Touch that came out a few years ago. While the fascination with these tablets is a bit false they are still pretty impressive creations.
Again large businesses are drawn to them as a sleek way of coordinating their business, the array of apps make them appealing to kids and adults alike and internet access anywhere (if you pay) makes it again worth while. You can do your banking and shopping on these things, they are very clever.


Apple is the company that kick started this technological boom, may it be with their iPod, iPhone or iPad they sure have made a huge difference. Companies such as "Made with Marmalade" specialize in creating apple based apps and platforms from which their software can run more effectively.
Apple is a global institution and its popularity and credibility is unprecedented.
They are reliable and aesthetically pleasing which immediately helps them garner a considerable amount of popularity. The future of technology is ever evolving and so long as the internet stays functional the level and quality of technology will only increase.

Author Bio:
Andrew is an author with a love for modern technology. He writes extensively about sport and electronic goods.
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