Explore The Rewarding Career Opportunities In The HVAC Industry

There are a number of career possibilities for a qualified HVAC technician.  With the right training, possibilities range from owning your own repair business and working for yourself to being the head of maintenance at a large facility to simply having a job you enjoy.  Many people would rather work with their hands than sit behind a desk.  Similarly, many people enjoy home repairs, car repairs, and other DIY projects.  Whether you strive to be an entrepreneur or earn a managerial role without owing an outstanding amount of student loan debt and years of lost wages, the right HVAC courses can launch you on a successful career path.  

Below are a few different types of courses and certifications:

-  The CORE section for all EPA Section 608 is a universal requirement.
-  A Universal Certification will allow you to work on all refrigeration appliances.
-  Practical boiler maintenance classes will give you a working knowledge on how to address emergency issues with a boiler.
-  Additional seminars on special topics related to HVAC can build your resume.

Career options for those with a working knowledge of HVAC

Most people earn HVAC certifications to work as HVAC technicians from training firms or specialty trade schools.  However, there are a number of other lucrative career paths that require a solid, working knowledge of a variety of practical applications and other marketable skill sets in addition to special training in HVAC.  Instead of doing the same thing every day, you can be faced with the challenge of seeing something different five days a week.

First-in line maintenance for a large venue or property

One little-known but potentially highly lucrative career path is the first-line manager for maintenance staff of a large venue.  According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a first-line manager for maintenance and/or custodial staff can make over $58,000 annually.


Another quality career option is to live the American Dream and open your own business.  Instead of being at the mercy of others, you can make your own HVAC or handyman business a success.  Having a wide variety of knowledge regarding how to fix common problems and corresponding certificates can give you instant credibility.  You can focus on HVAC or be a “jack of all trades.”

Due to the shifting housing market, qualified personnel who can efficiently complete a variety of home repairs can earn a good amount by offering a number of services that range from repairing refrigeration units to painting the trim on walls and washing windows.  Many home sellers need to stage their homes before they put their homes on the market. A handyman can be seen as the perfect person to make all necessary repairs to help a home sell.  The best part of owning your own business is that you can choose what to do with it.  You can grow it, create a franchise, or sell it and invest in a new venture.

No matter what your career aspirations are

You almost always need to have a marketable skill to get a job.  Furthermore, you almost always need to earn a few certifications to get started on the path to your dream job.  Instead of pursuing a typical Bachelor’s Degree, pursue certifications that will allow you to do what you have always wanted to in less time.

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