5 Great Apps To Share Your Favorites Photos

Do you intend to share your photos with friends or family? Do you wish to capture the precious moments of life and share them with the rest of the world? Memories are stored on photos and can be dated to show the tremendous life journey from childhood, adult hood to old age. Moments captured in photos can be source of entertainment as one relives the moments. Pictures trigger the same emotional effect as movies or novels.
With the development and innovations in the technological world there are 5 Great Apps to Share Your Favorites Photos.

Described as the largest photo sharing application with over 130 million users, Instagram offers unlimited space of storage for your photos. You can upload photos using Instagram and friends or followers can view them, download or like. Instagram is an open market application which works across a number of social platforms such as Facebook or twitter. With Instagram you can share your photos instantly without the conventional process of waiting for approval or upload time.
Instagram can be installed on both android devices and iOS devices. This increases its base reaching more people in different countries. Instagram has also been a favorite to many due to its image editing functionality. You can change the color theme of an image to represent summer, nostalgia or an old photo.
This fun color changing feature of android has made it a special application loved by teenagers and young adults.

This is also a great photo sharing app that can be downloaded on Google play for android devices. This is an app that was developed by yahoo thereby reaching many people due to brand image selling and confidence by yahoo customers. Flickr also has filters for image editing to represent the theme of an image. An additional feature of Flickr is tagging. You can include many friends name on photos to depict you were with them or they have a connection with the photo. The user interface of this app is easy to use for new users. Complex user interfaces discourage new users from using applications.

The largest social web service is now an application that can be downloaded on android, iOS, windows and Ash operating systems. Facebook has recently introduced photo sync where with connection to your Smartphone you can easily upload all photos on your memory and share them with friends. The Facebook app has up to 2GB worth of storage space. Additional features of photo sharing on Facebook are tagging and caption editing.

Android beam

With the shift to high end smart phones, users are greatly amused by the ability to share photos back to back among smart phones. Although android beam is only available in devices with android version 4.1 and above, the application is still a favorite to many. It uses Bluetooth technology where internet connection is not required.


Available in almost all internet connected phones this application has managed to stay above all other apps in terms of global coverage. With direct photo uploads from the main memory of your phone you can instantly send somebody private pictures provided you have their phone numbers. Privacy is maintained as the photo will only be viewed by the recipient.


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