5 Essential Cleaning Gadgets Every Home Needs

Cleaning is a tough job, but someone has to do it. In an ideal world, we would be able to afford to hire a cleaner to take care of those irritating jobs such as scrubbing the bath and scouring the oven. Unfortunately, cleaning services are a luxury not everyone can afford. So, if you don't have Cinderella living in the attic, you are going to have to make time for regular cleaning chores. But, try not to lose heart—there are lots of timesaving cleaning gadgets in the shops or available online to help make the job easier.

Steam Cleaner

Steam cleaners are a relatively new invention. Older style steam cleaners are designed as a cylindrical device with a series of different nozzles and attachments. They are useful for cleaning ovens, hobs and any hard surfaces. They can also be used to strip wallpaper. A newer variation of steam cleaner is the steam mop, which is essentially an upright steam cleaner attached to a mop. You can use a steam mop to clean hard floors, including ceramic tiles and vinyl. Some steam mops can also be used to clean laminate flooring, but it is wise to check before trying it.

Vacuum Cleaner

No modern home can do without a vacuum cleaner. In the old days, poor old Cinderella had to sweep the floors and beat the rugs with a broom to keep them clean, which did very little apart 
from move the dust around to a new corner of the room. Modern vacuum cleaners are highly efficient at removing dust, dirt, pet hair and all kinds of microscopic debris. Choose between an upright or a cylinder cleaner, a bagless model or a traditional vacuum cleaner with a bag. Most vacuum cleaners also come with a variety of extra attachments for cleaning blinds, hard to reach places and upholstery.

Pressure Washer

A pressure washer is best suited to outdoor cleaning. You probably could use it to clean the bath, but it might be overkill and would almost certainly be extremely messy. Pressure washers emit water at extremely high pressure, which makes them the perfect gadget for restoring a patio or paved area to pristine condition. Pressure washers are also useful for cleaning cars, bikes and vans, particularly if said vehicle is plastered in mud.

Telescopic Window Cleaner

Cleaning windows is not an easy task (unless you live in a one storey dwelling). Upper windows are impossible to reach without a ladder. For safety's sake, you should always have a companion to hold the ladder if you decide to use this method to clean your first floor windows. A far better alternative is a telescopic window-cleaning device. Simply extend the pole and use the attachments to clean the windows. It takes a certain amount of skill to effectively clean windows using one of these gadgets, but with some practice, your windows will soon be sparkling in the sunshine.

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner

Carpets and upholstery benefit greatly from a regular deep clean, so investing in a carpet and upholstery cleaner is an excellent idea. Simply fill the device with cleaning solution and then get to work. It can be hard work cleaning carpets, but at least they will smell better as a result.
When it comes to cleaning, you can never have too many gadgets, but if storage space is an issue, a good quality vacuum cleaner is probably the best investment.


Author Bio:
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