4 Simple Ways to Operate Your Firm 24 Hours A Day

Many law firms can greatly increase their revenue streams by serving their cl 24 hours a day. Prior to many technological advances companies found that they needed to operate their business less to reduce their overhead. However, today there are many ways that companies can operate their businesses throughout the day without having to greatly increase their expenses. Attornies that take advantage of these methods will find that they can connect with their clients by using attorney answering services, and that they can expand their firm to a global scale by no longer being restricted to specific time zones.

Using an answering service. It is very easy now to outsource answering service work, and it is also very cheap. Answering services will allow your customers to contact you at any time, and you will be able to get the messages as needed. Emergency messages can be routed directly to you if necessary, and other messages such as customer support or tech support can be routed to the correct departments. You can either have these issues resolved immediately by having staff on call or have your staff deal with these issues as they come in. The important part is that your customers will have someone to connect with any time of day. Many answering services are provided by extremely reputable companies that offer only the best in employee training to their answering service staff members.

Automate your services. One of the easiest ways to operate 24 hours a day is by automating many of the services that your company provides. You can easily create a system by which customers can purchase products at any time without having to contact you directly. While the items cannot be shipped until staff is in the office to ship them it would still mean that customers would feel as though they had completed their transaction, and they would be able to send these transactions in at any time. Many communications with customers can also be automated, such as shipping notices.

Globalize your staff. Many businesses are actually cutting back on their overhead by moving to a staff around the globe. There are a few benefits to this. By using employees that telecommute businesses can cut down on their physical office space. This is a dramatic reduction in overhead because rent and utilities comprise a huge amount of expenses for many companies. Employees on a global scale often demand less in terms of wages when compared to domestic employees, which means that businesses can also save on labor costs. Globalization is a very easy way to get employees throughout multiple time zones that can keep your company running 24 hours a day at reduced overall expense.

Keep on top of it. A 24 hour business cycle means that a lot will be going on with your business when you aren't around or aren't even awake. A 24 hour business cycle means that you have to be exceptionally vigilant about what is going on in your company and you will need to keep tabs on your customers, employees and vendors. Before implementing a 24 hour business cycle structure you may want to create a plan for the overall management of your business and figure out how you will be able to check in on certain aspects of the business such as overall customer satisfaction. One way to monitor this type of statistic is by requesting that customers fill out a customer satisfaction survey at the end of calls or transactions. This will clue you in if anything seems to go wrong.

Author Bio:
Jerry Stone is a the managing partner for Bausch and Starlett LLC, PPC and is a writer for some local news papers in the San Diego area.

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