The Unique History Of The Scion Automobile Brand

Founded by parent company Toyota in 2002, the Scion brand was created to offer drivers a unique and affordable alternative to the commonly bland small cars on the road. The first model hit California based dealerships in 2003, with availability expanding to the rest of the country in 2004. The automaker is proud of its status as a smaller shop in an industry filled with mega brands; the smaller size of the carmaker is an integral part of its commitment to providing every customer the ability to customize their vehicle to match their personality and lifestyle. The Toyota offshoot has come a long a way in the last ten years. The company recently celebrated its tenth anniversary with the release of five limited edition models created to highlight the one of a kind brand.

The Scion Vision

The early roots of Scion trace back to the late 1990s. Parent company Toyota saw a need for an automobile brand that caters to younger drivers. After developing some previous prototypes and models under the Toyota moniker in the Japanese market, the automaker set its sights on the American market. Toyota’s goal of serving the younger auto buyer proved to be successful. The average buyer’s age is 38, which is the lowest in the automobile industry. Toyota has also been successful in fulfilling its other goals behind the creation of its offshoot, such as keeping Scion cars affordable and simplifying the purchasing process for buyers.

Marketing and Advertising Approach

From the beginning, the Toyota offshoot has matched its creative vehicles with equally creative advertising and marketing. Marketing behind the brand has largely focused on creating a “lifestyle” surrounding the brand, focusing on creative online and television based “viral marketing” and sponsorship of arts, racing, and music. Scion’s commitment to developing a community amongst its owner has proved fruitful, further enhancing its unique reputation among car brands. Proud of its relatively small size, the automaker is able to communicate and market to owners and potential owners on a personal level that is rare in the auto industry. A commitment to inspiring passion among driver has also helped fuel the success of the brand by staying top of the interests and motivations of younger owners.

The Current Scion Fleet

The cube-like xB is perhaps the most recognizable of all Scion cars; it’s distinct and often imitated box like shape quickly caught on with younger drivers from the get-go. The 5-door compact is available with a host of interior and exterior accessories and performance enhancing add-ons.

The pint sized 10’ long iQ is a fuel efficient two door, 4-seater that is perfect for city driving. It’s excellent fuel efficiency and comfortable seating makes it a great road trip vehicle as well. Like the rest of the fleet, the iQ is available in unique colors such as “hot lava.”

The two door FR-S sedan has the look, feel, and premium performance of a classic sports car, enhanced by an attractive exterior full of sleek, aerodynamic lines and a Boxer engine under the hood. The FR-S is available with a stylish modern black and metal design interior design that features red stitched racing seats.

The two door tC hatchback’s exterior is a unique take on the classic muscle car look. This affordable model comes with an impressive amount of standard features, as well as a wealth of dealer-accessories. Owners often build on the already packed stock model to create a custom look and performance.

The Scion brand continues to fit its niche as affordable, dependable, and creative vehicles. The brand has maintained steady growth over its ten years, and looks to continue its tradition of providing drivers with cars that match their personality and lifestyle. A series of concept cars built by the automakers are a hint of things to come; whatever direction the automaker takes, it is sure to be unique.

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