The New Maserati Quattroporte Part 1

Clarkson wrote a great book several years ago entitled “I know you have a soul”, heaving the subtitle “Machines that have that something”. Concorde, flying Scotsman and, in a bizarre way, the Hoover Dam is mentioned as things made by human hand which manage to be more than the sum of the parts that make them up.

The automobiles companies never stop talking about the soul, but not much of them manage to keep their promise, unless of course Marvin Gayeis. But when Maserati Quattroporte was re launched in 2003, it was very obviously than it can manage to exceed it’s a mean of transportation in a way that Mercedes Benz class S could not. It had a Ferrari engine and, probably, the most worked car body of all time. The problem is that it begined with a very bad gear box, levels Indicator like bread sticks and obvious sensation that it is a limo that want’s to be sports car. Imperfect ,yes, but full of soul.

At first view, the fifth generation of QP reverses things. It’s a limo that want’s to be a limo. And a big one too. At a time when all manufacturers are looking to shrink their cars, Maserati did the opposite, and is not they went from a ladybug. It reached 5.6 meters long, and you can easily see this. Extra length it is felt best in the back, where leg space is raised with 100 mm, and the 530 liter trunk, it is significantly larger. This are not things that will count so much for car enthusiasts, which they want fast and sexy, but in China it matters very much, where it is very probably that the owner will be drived during the week, after which he will drive during the weekend.

Lorenzo Ramaciotti, the design head of FIAT Group and ex-head at Pininfaria, admits that he is cheerful for the fact that this is the biggest car that he ever had to supervise in all of his 40 years of career and went on to emphasize all the specific elements of the model: lower grid, pronounced midline on the hood and well balanced highlighted. But probably, that ineffable Italian elegance  huge rims of 21 inches, the new QP does not seem to be at ease. Plus there are clear traces of Audi and Infiniti in some of the interior design elements. Not very full of soul.
But these are subjective, and the right combination between the exterior color and interior could do miracles. The technical part of the story is without doubt powerful. Although significantly larger, the new QP is lighter with its 1.900 kg. The chassis is a monocoque steel, but also contains much aluminum 60% of the superior part of the cars body, doors, hood, trunk and wings are all made of it. The independent suspension it’s completely new, carrying as well aluminum elements. The car is easier to be controlled and it takes care of the problems that they had with the cars comfort.

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