Social Media And Business

The term social media is used as a blanket term to cover all social networks, which web users use to communicate and interact with each other on the internet. It's a platform that has become a very important part of business and entrepreneurs are using this chance which enables them to market online and increase their customer base. Social media has enabled many people to run their businesses from the comfort of their homes. Considering this fact, social media is very important for your home business since it gives you a platform that enables you to market and communicate with potential customers around the globe.

Interactive social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn etc.. They have completely altered the face of marketing practice which has displaced the usual mouth to mouth strategy employed a few years ago to be business people and potential customers interact virtually over the internet and the entrepreneurs are able to market their products and services easily.

To ensure that you market your home business effectively and employ social media to ensure that their businesses perform to their full potential, I have written a list of these social media networks. Read on and find out mistakes to avoid when applying social media platforms.
Concentrating on the following social media platforms will improve your market interaction and constructing an online brand of your business;


This social media platform has the biggest users and enables you as a business entrepreneur to interact with the largest marketplace of potential customers. It is accessible from all corners of the globe and a person in the United States can sell a product or service to another person in Indonesia. It also constitutes almost all age groups and what's amazing is that when a customer likes your product or service, they will inform their friends, hence increasing your market base.


Twitter is a micro blogging social media platform where users post brief posts known as tweets and enables users to share information and follow other twitter users. Whenever a client likes your product or service, they will share their experience with other users and this increases your market platform.


Although linked in does not boast many users like Facebook and Twitter, it has influence since professionals and experts who feel that other social media platforms are crowded mostly use it. It's a safe program for people who want professional networking only and connecting with fellow professionals from across the globe.


Photograph lovers really understand the role Instagram plays in helping them carry out their hobbies. This program enables users to share photos with their friends and has a distinctive feature, which enables users to filter the photos and images and then share them on other social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Mistakes to Avoid On Social Media as an Entrepreneur

Since more and more entrepreneurs are learning the importance social media in the success of their businesses, it's important to make sure that you stand out from the rest by using the social media in the proper way. Read the below tips to know which mistakes to avoid in this process;

Not having a plan/goal- Having a plan will require recognizing the goal you are trying to achieve from using the social media and how you plan to go about it. This is what separates successful businesses and the failing ones.

Imperfect profile - An incomplete or imperfect profile will tell your potential client that you are also unreliable as an entrepreneur. Make sure your profile online is complete and clean so that it will have a lasting impression on potential clients.

Inconsistency - You should have consistency in your updates and posts so that potential customers will know that you are always around. Make sure also that you maintain the same profile on all social media platforms so that customers will recognize you easily.

Not communicating - This involves not answering customers queries and complains they are having about your business, product or service. Even if they criticize you, just take it in good faith and develop your product or service to suit the customers' needs and wants.

Author Bio:

George V. Gray began with photography since he was very little. In late 2010 however, he decided to take the jump into the affiliate marketing business after reading a review of 4Life affiliate business.
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