Four Apps For Smart Green And Organic Food Shopping

Millions of people have now turned to organic food as a way to reduce their exposure to harmful pesticides and chemicals, many of which have become increasingly more prevalent in the food, air, water and soil. A by-product of modern living, this is a relatively new phenomenon that previous generations did not have to consider. Technology and advancements in the way we live can be a curse, but they can also be a blessing. A variety of mobile applications now exist to empower consumers to make the appropriate choices for select food items. In the following article, we will discuss four applications that can help users find organic food in their supermarkets and communities.


Anyone who wishes to find local food that is both organic and good for the environment will love Locavore, an app that can be found on both Android and iOS devices. Users can quickly access the Locavore map to see a variety of local organic food stores, farmers markets and other specialty food centers. In addition to this, hundreds of unique recipes can be accessed via the app for delicious and healthy home-cooked meals. Once you have prepared or purchased something, you can then share this information via social media with friends and family. Locavore can be downloaded for free and is a great app for conscious organic shoppers.

Smart Foods – Organic Diet

If you want to keep tabs on which foods are safe to eat in their regular form and which should be purchased organically in order to avoid contaminants and pesticides, then Smart Foods – Organic Diet is a smart download. Other features include the ability to find local farmers markets and organic food outlets, a calculator which can tell you how much fruit and vegetables you need daily and detailed nutritional information. If you want to make sure that risks and health complications from generally impure foods are minimized, then the Smart Foods – Organic Diet can be a valuable addition to your organic routine, and is a free download.


Anyone who needs a direct connection for locally-grown green and organic food will love the Farmstand app, which can currently be found on the iTunes App Store for free. Users will be able to find local farmers markets in nearly a dozen different countries – all at the local level – and can view photos of the markets to see what each entails. You will also find a variety of interactive features, such as the ability to save your favorite markets in a list and share them on social media. Those who find new markets in their communities can also add these to the Farmstand database to help keep it up-to-date and functional for all.


Useful not only for the identification of organic food but also great for the selection of green and sustainable products, the GoodGuide app can be found on both the Android Marketplace and the iTunes App Store. With more than 170,000 products included in its database, users can use their smartphones to scan a product's barcode and fetch a variety of metrics on how green it is – from production to health benefits and risks. You will also be able to create a customized set of criteria to help you avoid certain types of products and make the best decisions when shopping for any type of item.

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