Extreme Makeover: Tumblr Edition

Tumblr is no longer just a blog hosting site. Since it was first introduced to the general public, Tumblr has transformed and reinvented itself from a traditional blogging platform to a platform that is social media friendly and compliant. Facebook's latest overhaul, which involved their now visual-centric News Feeds and the trademark Retweet feature of Twitter, are two of the inspirations of Tumblr in coming up and providing its users with a unique blogging experience no other platforms have achieved.

David Zax of Technology Review related that Tumblr is one of the most underrated blog hosting platforms when it is actually the 9th most visited site in the United States today. In its efforts to widen its reach and draw more users in, Tumblr has recently rolled out changes which include several releases of Android app updates, an iOS app update and an exclusive Windows 8 app update. Venture Beat's John Koetsier wrote that interfaces are often stunning and aesthetically beautiful but underwhelms when it comes to fun and enjoyability. This may be attributed to the fact that mobile development has become so stiff and serious that creativity has been overlooked in favor of ensuring mobile efficiency. Fortunately for avid Tumblr users, this will not be a problem for the new Tumblr app because Android isn't just a treat for the eyes but also delivers when it comes to an unparalleled browsing experience for users.

Tumblr for Android

There are so many great things that come with the most recent update in Tumblr's Android app and this includes the post-anything screen. With the introduction of the post-anything screen, Tumblr once again reclaims its reputation of being the perfect place where users have the freedom to post anything that they please. Tumblr is their very own space where they can do and post whatever they want and this kind of freedom is something that is well appreciated by most Internet users. Tumblr is not only playful but also offers a wide array of options for posting images, quotes, links and videos. Do not be fooled by its playful interface, though. It is both simple and complicated but the objective remains the same—to provide its users with the best online experience they could possibly have.

Tumblr for iOS

Although there were pretty amazing changes that came with the Tumblr Android app update they, on the other hand, have not made any notable aesthetic changes to the iOS app. The Tumblr iOS app update instead focused on the blogging platform's organizing and sharing capabilities. Options to share each post on social networking sites such as on Facebook and Twitter came with the iOS update. This received so much positive feedback since it made sharing easier and hassle free. It eliminates the trouble of having to log in and out of different accounts and copying and pasting posts.

Tumblr for Windows 8

Facebook and other social networking sites may be having issues with dedicating apps for Windows 8 but not Tumblr. The team behind this post-anything platform has gone out of their way to create an application that is solely dedicated to Windows 8 users. They have officially released a Tumblr app that Windows Phone users can take advantage of. It has all the features and functionalities people have come to expect. Another great add-on would be the integration of the Windows Phone's voice assistant that allows users to post hands-free through voice activated commands. It wouldn't be surprising if one day Tumblr comes out with their very own VoIP service feature that would minimize long distance call costs.

These series of mobile app updates is certainly part of Tumblr's aspirations to let their mobile users navigate and utilize the platform effortlessly, regardless of the gadget and device they use. The reason is simple: the number of people who choose to go online on mobile devices rather than a computer has consistently been on the rise for the couple of years that it has taken mobile browsing to a different level.

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