5 Cool Home Security Gadgets

Home security has been a huge concern for many residents as the crime rate continues to go up. Whether you are simply renting an apartment or you own a residential house, you want to live in a safe and secure environment. Although getting homeowners insurance can provide you with coverage after a crime has happened, it can't prevent terrible events from happening. With that said, it is best to consider installing security devices in your home.

Today, simply getting padlocks and alarm systems won't be able to completely keep intruders out of your home. Thankfully, with today's technological advancements, there are now high-tech and cool home security gadgets that can help protect you, your family, as well as your valuables. Here are a few of the coolest home security gadgets available today.

Virtual Fence

This is a kind of security gadget that is physically almost non-existent. This gadget works by using sensor cables which you install below the ground of your property. These cables synchronize with CC cameras when an intruder tries to break into the perimeter of your property. With the right modifications, this security feature can even send a message to your mobile phone when you are not at home. The downside of getting a virtual fence for your property is the fact that it is quite costly; however, do not hesitate to get this gadget if you have the financial means since it is one of the best security system ever created.

Laser Tripwire

This is a very interesting security device which uses a laser trip wire that can also take snapshots of the intruder and upload it to the internet once the laser wires are triggered. In addition, it will also set off an alarm confusing the thief; thus, they are unaware that their picture is being uploaded on social networking websites. With that said, even if he escapes, the picture taken will help the police authorities with their investigation.

Memory Switch

Despite its ominous name, this device cannot switch an intruder's memory. What it actually does is learn your routine of switching your lights on and off. This innovative switch repeats the patterns it has learned even when you are not in residence. By randomly varying the on and off times of the lights, it will give an impression that someone is at home. With that said, potential burglars will think twice about robbing your property when they see your lights turned on.

Solar-Powered Flood Lights

This type of gadget has 80 LEDs that can light up any given area of your property. You can place it on your rooftop, at the ledge, window, or in the garage. It has a motion sensor which makes it very unique and different. It can detect movements from almost 50 feet. With proper modifications, you can easily surprise a burglar by hitting him with a sudden burst of light. Another option is to turn the power on all throughout the night. In addition, you can also control its sensitivity level to avoid false alarm.

Siren Padlock

This security device is not like your ordinary padlock. It has a special feature which sounds an alarm of up to 100 decibels when it is moved; thus, intruders will find it hard to cut the lock. In addition, the padlock is also extra-hard since it is made with an alloy of zinc and hardened steel.

These are just five of the coolest security gadgets available today. These gadgets are worth the investment since they will help keep your home safe and secured whether you're home or not. In addition, these devices can also help lower your home insurance costs every month.

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