This Is The 21st Century - So Get Some Cool Gadgets For Your Car!

Some of the new and expensive cars on the market have an unbelievable amount of technology included.  They have voice sensors for the air-conditioning, special seats that mould to your particular body shape and that is just the tip of the iceberg. Most of us love a few toys to play with when it comes to our cars. But if you can’t afford a top of the range new vehicle, where does that leave you? Well, thankfully there are a load of cool gadgets that have been produced with you in mind. They won’t convert your 10 year old beast into a Bugatti Veyron, but they will bring you some fun and even a little functionality every now and then. Stop dreaming about the latest Maserati and read this article, you may even like some of these gadgets.

GoLink iPod Cable - $99

The cost is for the actual cable which is clever piece of equipment indeed. It links your iPod to the car’s computer and, using the app, relays information to the handheld device. You need to have a real ‘play’ on the application, but you will soon get the hang of it. Your engine codes, weird noises and general running issues will soon be soundly diagnosed. The app will probably not be able to fix the issue, but will certainly point you in the right direction. We absolutely love this clever cable and app, and so will you!

Piloti Driving Shoes - $75 - $180

These cool trainers are the last word in functional driving equipment for the feet. Although they look like an expensive pair of running shoes, they are designed for one thing in mind – Driving! The shoe is available in suede with a fire-resistant liner, known as ‘Nomex’. Those of you who know the phrase ‘toe-and-heel’ will really appreciate the finesse that is delivered by putting these shoes through their paces. They may be designed for the real professionals, but even we learner drivers will dig these cool driving shoes!

Craftsman Cordless Impact Driver - $100

On first appearances this looks like a standard, if oversized, electric screwdriver. But it is the bee’s knees for removing those stubborn wheel nuts. You know the ones that even Godzilla would be hard pressed to remove. It can deliver an awesome 200lb-ft of torque with very little effort, it also generates 3000 impacts per minute. You need this tool, like yesterday!

Garmin 665 - $1000

Okay, the price tag suggests that this is more than just your standard satellite navigation system, and it certainly is! As well as running all of the usual Garmin high-end Satnav features, it is also totally weatherproof. Bluetooth and digital radio are also included, making this the Daddy of all satnav systems! You can use this in your car, on your motorbike or even on your speedboat, if that is where it’s going on!

There are Four, Any More?

We think you will love all of these fabulous gadgets, but if not, check out the internet for some more. There are literally hundreds of useful, and not so useful, gadgets out there just for you!

Author Bio:
Today's guest author, Roger White, is a sales executive at Get Me Tires, a premium Goodyear tire dealer based in Canada. He is ardent blogger and writes on a variety of articles in his articles. He enjoys listening to soft music in his spare time.
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