The Top 9 Gadgets Released In The Past 12 Months

1. iPad 3

Probably one of the top electronic gadgets to be released this year; the iPad 3 was a smash hit on the tablet market and in the eyes of many users represented the best Apple product and tablet on the market today. Even though Apple also released the iPad 4 in 2012, it was really the iPad 3 that deserves the attention.  Best of all, the crystal clarity of its now famed Retina display technology made the iPad 3 (as well as its successor) a superb tool for all sorts of visually intensive activities like game play or video conferencing through the FaceTime app, Skype for Mobile or other calling platforms.

2. iPhone 5

Coming in at the number 2 on the list, is another already famous Apple product, the iPhone 5. The much anticipated release of iPhone’s latest incarnation was something that millions of fans waited for all year and the final product didn’t disappoint too much. Featuring a longer body, smoother overall design and several new features, the iPhone 5 was at least a notable improvement over its predecessors.

3. Nintendo Wii Game Console

Having made several other “Top Gadget” lists for the year 2012, the $299 Nintendo Wii is the successor to the 2006 release of Wii, the revolutionary new gaming console that came with its own motion sensing game controller. The 2012 Wii also showed revolutionary development with the addition of a touch screen game console called the gamepad that interfaces with your TV in some highly flexible ways. More games development is still lacking for Nintendo’s new offer but it’s definitely looking promising.

4. Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich

Although not a formal device in the physical sense, the latest version of the new ubiquitous Google OS helped propel the company’s development of device interfaces even further into worldwide popularity. Ice Cream Sandwich was Google’s first full integrated, fleshed out version of the mobile device operating system and also its most heavily integrated for increased user friendliness and versatility.
More than anything else, the inclusion of Android 4.0 in millions of lower end tablets helped spread their popularity all over the world as people felt more comfortable buying them knowing that they at least had the famous OS inside.

5. Simple.TV

This small wireless DVR was a one of the most successful crowd funded Kickstarter projects of the year in addition to being a fantastic product. The SimpleTV DVR gave its users the ability to stream unencrypted cable and over the air HD broadcasts to any number of computer devices in the little white boxes home network. Simple.TV could also record and save captured broadcasts to a plugin USB memory stick attachment.

6. Google Nexus 7 Tablet

Google’s entry into the Tablet manufacturing business was a worldwide hit thanks to the Nexus 7. This Android powered tablet featured an ample 7 inch screen, plenty of internal features  and an overall high level of performance power for such a small and very low priced device.
Overall, numerous reviewers and users were impressed with what the Nexuz 7 offered for its price tag.

7. Samsung Galaxy S2

If 2012 was the year of the smart phones, then the Galaxy S2 was one of the reigning competitors. This powerful mobile device offered an excellent alternative to the entire iPhone line and for a more reasonable price gave its users access to the kind of smart phone power that many users claimed was at least as good as what Apple’s devices offered. A great mobile device in the age of increased video calling and video conferencing amongst other powerful digital communications needs. The Galaxy S3 also deserves mention since it too was released the same year with even more of the kind of high end features of its predecessor.

8. The Hopper from Dish Network

Talk about an overhaul of traditional DVR service arrangements; the Hopper offers a massive 2 terabytes of storage memory that lets users save hundreds of shows from any TV channel on any TV and easily fit them all on this awesome device for watching on their own schedule. Best of all, its slick and highly usable interface includes features like “PrimeTime Anytime”, which let users simultaneously record all the prime time shows from all major networks for later viewing at their own leisure.

9. MacBook Pro with Retina Display

Again we come back to an Apple product; the Latest version of the Macbook Pro gives users and fans a truly marvelous new laptop experience that totally delivers on usability, power and all sorts of other features so many people have come to love. Aside from all the usual powerful specs that we would expect from the latest in Apple computer design, the newest Macbook Pro offers Retina quality display technology, giving users access to a whopping 2800-by-1800 pixel screen clarity that’s more than 4 times better than what you’ll see with any normal laptop. If your big thing for laptop use involves photography or any kind of visual imagery, nothing can beat this level of clarity.
Of course, the Macbook Pro is also an awesome communication tool with its built in FaceTime communication video conferencing and video calling feature.

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