Project Management And Social Media Can Kick Ass Together!

If you are currently working within the project management arena, you are probably fully aware of how social media can be used to help your projects and promotional aspects of your workload. But were you aware of how project management can be used to improve your social media promotional activities as well? There are many transferrable skills and theories that make the jump from one camp to the other with startling ease. This article takes a look at these activities and details exactly how one can help the other.

Starting a Social Media Campaign

Most project management professional will be au fait with PRINCE2 and the ‘initiating a Project’ stage. This theory can be transferred to the beginnings of a social media campaign and will usually produce excellent results. You need to have a good understanding of the desired goals of your campaign before steaming ahead. The project management tool outlines the necessity of doing appropriate research into the ways you should select the correct type of social media site for your campaign. The more information you have regarding the available sites, the better choice you will eventually make. Every successful project begins with a logical choice of Launchpad, and PRINCE2 will help you to achieve this aim.

Scope Definition

By defining the scope of your campaign, you are setting the allowable limits for each of your project stages. This includes the cost and manpower that you are willing to input to each stage of the campaign/project. If you remain within these defined limits you should be able to deliver your promises and aims within the original mission statement details. Regarding a social media campaign, you need to set a budget and a time scope for each day. Do not go beyond these limits, otherwise the project will not be cost effective. These rules have been tried and tested and will see your campaign fail or success depending on how you adhere to them.

Gantt Charts Rock!

Great project management is only achievable with the use of the best tools out there. Gantt charts are a big part of the way modern projects are tracked, and they can be utilised across the board. If you tailor this utility to your social media campaign you will be moving along the right tracks. Add each of your relevant stages to the chart and you will soon see how much time and effort have been spent achieving your outcomes. This ultra-transparent application will soon highlight any current or potential issues that require your attention. You can only hit your deadlines and achieve you goals by having a great overall method of visibility. We believe that the Gantt chart should be a necessity for any project or social media campaign.

Strange Bedfellows – We Don’t Think So! 

Many people understand that project management tools are easily transferrable into a variety of planning activities. The PRINCE2 methodologies have been painstakingly crafted with seamless project stages as their goal. Many companies are sending their staff on project management course, and the results have been impressive. We believe that if you apply some of these theories to your next Facebook or Twitter campaign, you will be soon looking at a very successful outcome!

Author Bio:
Today's guest author, Fred Smith, is a civil engineer at BROTENT Technology Co., a structural engineering and fabrication firm based in Hong Kong. When he is not seen building strong aluminium structures at work, he enjoys winding up with a good book to read and a cup of coffee.
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