Dirty Air In The Home? Clean Things Out With These Four Air Purifiers

Filthy air in the home is just not unpleasant, but something that can lead to a host of allergies and ailments if not properly treated. Depending on a home's age, the condition of the heating and cooling system and any drafts or cracks in the structure, dust, debris, pollen and other irritants can work their way into the home over time and cause undue harm to the respiratory system. Thankfully, several quality air purifiers exist that can purge the home of these toxins and leave the air clean and safe for you and your family. Below, we will outline four of these purifiers for your consideration.

Alen T300 Purifier

This high-tech air purifier is just one of many solutions for maintaining a healthy indoor air climate, but does a great overall job on its own. Included with the unit is a lifetime warranty; if anyone goes awry, simply return the product for repair or replacement. Taking up minimal floor space, the T300 can be set-up virtually anywhere and is capable of filtering up to 550 square feet of air twice every hour. Not only does it cleanse the air, but it also ionizes it to help remove smells. For around $300, the Alen T300 Purifier can be purchased in select stores and online.

Ionic Pro Combo Air Purifier

Billed as an economic solution for purifying air in single rooms, the Ionic Pro Combo Air Purifier delivers consistent results in areas up to 250 square feet. Using a minimal amount of electricity (12 watts), the Combo Air Purifier gently pulls through and ionizes air to trap pollutants and release fresh, dust-free air back into the room. With its design, you will never have to worry about costly air filter replacements; simply pull out the collection blades, wipe them clean and it is ready for use once again. One of the more affordable options on this list, the Ionic Pro Combo Air Purifier can be found for around $80.

Whirlpool Whisper 450

The Whirlpool Whisper 450 derives its name from the amount of square footage it can clean simultaneously (450 sq ft). Using virtually no electricity, the Whisper can run constantly or when you need it – weighing just 20 pounds, it can also be moved from one room to another with ease. LED lights will alert owners as to when to change filters, while the air output for this device can be controlled using three different settings. Out of all the purifiers on this list, the Whisper 450 can clean the largest amount of air in the fastest time, making it quite desirable. You will be able to pick up this Whirlpool product in stores and online for around $250.

Honeywell Compact Tower

Designed for use in small rooms, the Honeywell Compact Tower ($75) is designed for use in offices or other crowded areas where air quality is important for well-being. Filtering air only takes up a few inches of desk space and can be quickly moved to any room in the house or carried to and from work when needed. Described as being able to capture up to six times as many pollutants as traditional ionic filters, the Honeywell Compact Tower will trap smoke, dust, dander and allergens that otherwise can wreak havoc on your lungs and respiratory system.

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Today's guest author, Ken Rogers, is a general manager at Steamatic, a firm that provides water damage restoration services based in Canada. He is a warm person and enjoys spending his spare time with his family.  
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