Choosing Between the Galaxy S4, iPhone 5 and iPad Mini

At the End of Indecision, Your Next Tablet or Smartphone Sidekick Awaits

With all the smartphones and tablets available today, it’s difficult to choose which one is best for you. You look at one and it seems great. Then you look at another one and it seems better. After letting the different specifications stew in your head, you finally decide the first one you looked at is the best, even though you thought differently hours ago under the store’s buzzing fluorescent lights.

And then you wonder … Why am I leaving out that third device I looked at? Actually, now that I think of it, I liked that one too!

It’s a neverending cycle that goes on and on. To make a solid choice, you need counsel. When deciding between the hottest devices on the smartphone-table market – the Galaxy S4, iPhone 5 and iPad Mini – there’s a definite choice that’s right for you. We’re going to help you find out which one it is, starting with the two hottest smartphones available.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Smartphone: Advanced Functionality and BIG Screen

Main Features:
- 13 Mega pixel cameraWith panoramic picture-taking abilities, quick auto-focus, Dual Shot, and a host of other options that ensure you always get the best picture, this smartphone camera is simply amazing. There’s also a convenient “face-time” camera on the front of the phone for self-portraits and applications like Skype.
- Jelly Bean Operating System: This operating system has many more capabilities than the iPhone 5. The Jelly Bean OS makes it easy for you to customize and personalize your phone to your specifications. Compared to the iPhone, you have complete control over which widgets and icons appear on the different screens of your phone. With this OS, you can have weather, sports updates and important news available to you without opening any apps at all. You can place what you want where you want, anywhere on the home and secondary screens.
Display: 5-inch Full HD Super AMOLED display
Reparability: Compared to the Galaxy S3, the Galaxy S4 has a stronger shell and source of protection against accidental drops and misplacements. Through drop tests, it’s been shown that the iPhone is stronger, but this causes no need for worry. There are affordable and reliable places for 
Samsung Galaxy S4 repair like XpressFix.
Bottom Line: If you’re looking for a smartphone with a larger screen that encourages customization, the Galaxy S4 is for you.

Apple iPhone 5 Smartphone: Easy to Use, Ultraportable and Attractive

Main Features:
- Slim Design: Compared to the iPhone 4s, the iPhone 5 is 18% thinner, 20% lighter and has 12% less volume. Basically, it’s more compact, but has new and improved features that outweigh those of the iPhone 4s. Holding true to Job’s minimalistic philosophy, you get more with less.
- iSight Camera: Like the Galaxy S4, the iPhone 5 has panoramic capabilities and a range of options for optimal picture and video capturing. However, what it has that the S4 doesn’t is a supreme “face-time” camera. It allows for crystal clear video chat sessions with friends and family and has the ability to capture 720p HD video.
Display: 4-inch Retina display
Reparability: Since the durability of the iPhone 5 is proven, the need for repair is lessened. But when it hits the ground hard, don’t worry. Quick, foolproof 
iPhone 5 repair is available through XpressFix.
Bottom Line: If you’re looking for your first smartphone or like the iPhone 4s and want a small upgrade, go with the iPhone 5.

Apple iPad Mini Tablet: The Perfect Complement to Your Smartphone and Computer

Main Features:
- New Design: Compared to the standard iPad, the Mini is 23% thinner and 53% lighter. It has the same great features as the standard iPad, but sports a slimmer, sleeker package. This is one of the only tablets that can claim it’s literally pencil thin. Put a pencil next to it and test it for yourself!
- 300,000 Apps: There’s no denying that Apple is king of apps. Whenever a company comes out with a new smartphone or tablet application, Apple is first on the list. Since apps are the building blocks of modern devices, it’s important to have a wide variety at your fingertips. With the iPad Mini, you have access to the newest apps and conveniences they offer.

Display: 7.9-inch LED-backlit display
Reparability: Given its size, the iPad is a little more susceptible to harm than smartphones. To prevent screen cracks and other damage, invest in a strong case. And when your case isn’t enough, don’t worry – you won’t have to buy a new iPad. XpressFix offers affordable 
iPad Mini repair and quick turnaround times.
Bottom Line: If you already have a smartphone you love, get the iPad Mini. If you don’t, go with one of the smartphones mentioned above.
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