Apple - Leading In Innovation

Apple has always impressed and astounded it's user base with intuitive and powerful products. Where other companies repeat the same trends, Apple chooses innovation. All of the products that made Apple a giant in the computer industry exist now in newer sleeker forms. While other companies imitate, Apple leads with innovations like Retina Display, the new Mag Safe 2 connector, and the most versatile and affordable lines of MacBooks to date. Here are a list of some of the new improvements that are so good, Apple faithfuls rave and many people who never owned an iPad or iPhone turn to the Mac side.

Retina Display

The competitor creates a product to mimic the old iPad, Apple makes an iPad that redefines tablets forever with new responsiveness and a visually stunning retina display. The retina display is something that has to be seen to be believed. It makes art, movies, and websites pop with such clarity and color, that watching some of your favorite films on almost anything else feels like a waste. If the iPad with retina display wasn't enough, the new line of MacBook Pros has an option for retina display. Digital art will never be the same for you ever again.

Newer Better Chargers

While some people complained that switching chargers goes against Apple's motto of integration, anyone who has tried the new charger on latest iPhone agrees, it's superior not only to the old iPhones, but any smart phone on the market. Not only will your iPhone charge faster, but the longer battery life will keep that charge for longer than ever before to power your favorites apps, no matter how demanding the specs.

The Greatest Line of MacBooks to Date

On the go, nothing beats the sleek power of the new MacBook Air. Still one of the lightest on the market with a profile that is hard to believe. The MacBook Pro not only improved on the inside, boasting some new dedicated GPUs and larger hard disks, but also features a new option for a retina display. That's right, the same retina display that reinvented and set a new standard for the tablet industry. Software and gaming companies are taking notice. Do you enjoy Guild Wars 2 or Starcraft 2? How about on the greatest display you've ever seen?

Apple TV, Making Life Simpler

A product that raises eyebrows to those who haven't heard about it is the Apple TV. "Does it really do all that?" some may ask. No need to blame them, it is just that nothing like the Apple TV existed before. Not only does it allow the user the broadcast their own video files and photos to their TV, but gives them access to AirPlay, possibly the greatest gift to entertainment since humankind began clacking two rocks together. AirPlay allows the user to access content like Netflix, Hulu, and HBO GO all in 1080p resolution. Sometimes mighty good things come in a small package.

While these innovations are great and industry defining, in a year Mac will have another product that we couldn't live with before. Beyond the quality products, what sets Apple aside is that their innovation will endure, and the excellent products they sell now will always get better while always being so intuitive, a child could use it.

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Today's guest post was provided by Thomas B. from the i-Adapters blog team. He enjoys writing articles on a variety of topics and is always looking for ways to improve himself as a writer.
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