8 Creative Recycling Projects To Turn Empty Toner Cartridges Into Beautiful Artwork

Empty cartridges can be a cause for a huge headache when they can no longer be reused or recycled, especially from the viewpoint of someone who is always going green. With the move towards sustainability, looking for creative options will help to ensure that the cartridges do not end up in landfills. Plus a little imagination, you can find a way to put the empty printer cartridges into good use. Following are some amazing projects that will allow you to recycle the old ink and toner cartridges and display your creativity.

Unique paperweights

This is by far the easiest way to use the empty cartridges. You do not need to be artistically inclined to turn a heavy empty toner cartridge into a paperweight. Using a glue gun and a few accessories, you can customize your paperweight using colorful stones, sequins, buttons and other items. Just place in some peddles or sand into the cartridges to make it heavier if you wish. You can make as many paperweights as you need for your home and office, and by encouraging everyone you know to get in on the action, you can play a big role in saving the environment.

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Desk lamp

You will need a little more skill to make a lamp that is both beautiful and functional but the result is wonderful. Using empty cartridges that are bright and colorful, line the sides with heat shielded foil stripes before inserting bulbs. You can design a simple desk lamp or a more elaborate circular lamp, depending on your skill level. It is important to ensure that you do not place any objects on the cartridge lamps or place the lamps on the carpet.

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Refrigerator magnets

The toner cartridges have different components that can be used to make effective refrigerator magnets. Stick strong magnets onto the back of the cartridge parts using strong hot glue and decorate the cartridge magnets using different color paints and accessories. You can make different magnets using different colors and designs, and you can even involve your kids in this fun project.

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Christmas decorations

Let your home look different during Christmas by using creative cartridge décor. Create different items or designs and get you family to come up with the most creative decorations, from Christmas wreathes to Christmas tree hangings. Use the Christmas colors to paint the decorations and you can have unique items that you will use for years.

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Picture frames

You can use empty toner cartridges to create custom photo frames. You can use the different parts of the cartridge to design unique frames to hold your favorite photos. You can use cartridges that are similar for a uniform look, or go completely opposite for a more creative frame. Use your imagination to create as many different designs as you can and you can even end up with gifts that you can give to everyone you know.

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Wind chimes

One of the most popular ways to use old toner cartridges is to create wind chimes. For all those who love the soothing sounds produced by chimes on a windy day, the cartridges can be very handy. Using a fishing line and other items like pens, hooks and other objects, attach the cartridges in different directions to produce visually appealing and great sounding chimes.

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You can use the empty printer cartridges to create a beautiful sunshade. Collect cartridges that have translucent covers, and arrange them vertically or horizontally into a sheet. Tie the covers using a wire to keep the sheet steady and to avoid breakage. You can then paint the sheet in different colors and place it to provide a beautiful and creative shade from the sun. As the sun reflects the different colors, the result is a beautiful work of art.

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Use translucent printer cartridges to create a beautiful and unique chandelier. Arrange the cartridges in the required circular shape and use a wire to secure them together. You can get the help of a repair expert or mechanic to attach the cartridges so that you get the best results. Attach a lamp to the middle to create a unique and functional chandelier.

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By using a little creativity, you can make good use of empty printer cartridges instead of throwing them in the garbage. You can do your part to protect the environment, while also coming up with unique gift items. If you need to use power tools and other equipment when creating some of the more complex designs, it is a good idea to get the help of a professional.

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