What features does the new Samsung have?

Samsung is one of the most respected innovators of consumer technology in the world today exhibited by their success in the mobile phone market.  Names like the Galaxy S3, the Note, Galaxy Ace, and Galaxy Tab will feature highly on this festive season’s wish lists along with the latest addition to the Samsung mobile family: The Galaxy S3 Mini.

Most Android phones now seem to edge towards having bigger screens and the latest Galaxy S3 is the epitome of a modern handset with features like a 4.8 inch screen, effective voice control, smart alerts and huge processing power.  A big screen means you can fully utilise your phone’s multimedia capabilities; web browsing, gaming and apps can all be enjoyed more fully on a bigger device.  The argument between big and small screen isn’t as simple though as which derives the most viewing pleasure. 

A smaller screen of the 4 inch variety can be a whole lot more navigable than a big screen due to the ability to use the phone in one hand.  The smaller screen also reduces the size of the chassis on the whole making it a lot more portable.

This is why Samsung have recently released the new Galaxy SIII Mini which sports a 4 inch screen, giving Samsung a foothold in the smaller yet high quality mobile phone market.  The Galaxy S3 Mini title may suggest that the phone is a shrunken version of the S3 itself but this isn’t necessarily true.  The Mini sits in the quality midrange market with a slightly lower spec than the S3 – most obviously a 1 GHz dual core processor and 1GB RAM.  Good credentials in themselves, but not quite S3 standard.

The Mini should be judged on its own credentials and as we are beginning to understand, performance isn’t always about spec lists.  The use of Jelly Bean Android 4.1 and a sharp camera mean that this mobile phone will perform favourably against any in its class. 
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