Top 5 Business Schools In America

Studying business is incredibly popular. It’s no wonder that everyone wants to have a lucrative job, go to a comfortable office every morning and meet a pretty secretary there. Everyone wants to wear expensive business suits and earn a lots of money. That’s all about business administration.

However, it is virtually impossible to find a well paid job in business administration without having an applicable college diploma. You can be a talented and sought after programmer without any education. You can be an immensely popular artist without even a day in any school. Yet, if you want to be in business administration, you have to possess a degree. Moreover, the majority of companies do not just want managers with degrees they have got at mediocre provincial colleges. They want the best business schools. A degree of some business schools is more than just a diploma. This is a certificate that proves your belonging to the highest league of education.

So, if you do want to pursue high careers goals in MBA, you have to pick the right school. I’ll help you out a little bit in this article. This is my list of the best business schools in the US.

University of Chicago

Also known as Booth School of Business (formerly Graduate School of Business), this business school was renamed in 1971 having received a huge donation of $300 million from David Booth who was the school’s graduate. By the way, this is quite a common practice in the US, when graduates who managed to achieve success in life support Universities that helped them become the people they have become. Booth managed to start an investment company that now has over $120 billion in various assets.

Booth school has the oldest doctoral program in business in the US. Six graduates have become Nobel Prize winners. Isn’t it incredible? Booth school has two campuses in Chicago, as well as programs in Singapore and of course London!

Harvard Business School

Should I tell you more? The name speaks for itself. Do you know how much money Harvard uses for research? It is over $70 million yearly! Moreover, this is a self funded budget. Incredible! Traditionally, Harvard takes the highest ranks in the ratings of the best business schools in the world. These guys study business on real examples. So, it’s no wonder that managers graduating the school are ready for real time situation and real money. Harvard is a strong brand, and school’s managers do everything possible to increase the value of this brand and stay competitive.

University of Pennsylvania

Founded in 1881, and known as Wharton School, this University has an incredibly history and alumni. Education fees are rather high - over $53,000, however, this is a great investment in own future.


If you want to be the best, choose Stanford! Although it took just the 4th place, the University has an amazing reputation. Yes, tuition fees are high, but they are worth every penny!

Northwestern University

Over 84% of graduates are immediately employed! Fantastic. 55% of students do their researches abroad. The school was named after John Kellogg who has donated $10 million to the school. Kellogg was the University graduate.

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