The Most Popular Car Accessories For 2013

When buying a car, you want to make it your own. You want to put your own personal stamp on it and make it feel like you, and share your sense of style. The easiest way to do this is by purchasing some accessories for your vehicle.

In 2013, an array of vehicle accessories flew off the shelves of dealerships and auto accessory retailers. Let’s look at the most popular car accessories of the past year.

The number one selling vehicle accessory category last year was protection products. Floor mats, specifically, were the top sellers. The continuation of longer car ownership cycles and harsh winters contributed to the trend of floor mats selling a high volume of products. Floor mats outsold the second most popular accessory, splash guards, by a count of 2-to-1.

Another area of accessories that raked in the sales in the last year was exterior protection products, including alarms and remote starters. Paint protection products garnered the number one spot in total retail sales, as well as dealer profits. A colder than usual winter helped remote starters see a spike in sales in the last half of the year. And, as a way to curtail auto thefts, car alarms also saw an increase in sales last year.

While many consumers may think that adding accessories that bring a touch of style to their vehicles would be a top-seller, in the last year, this wasn’t the case. Convenience accessories took home more sales than stylish accessories. Cargo trays and cargo organizers came in ranked seventh in sales in factory interior category for total sales.

An increase in sales for trucks and SUVs helped boost the sales of some other convenience accessories. Step bars, roof racks, and cargo interiors saw a jump in their sales, thanks to the boost in SUV and truck sales.

When you compare the sales of accessories by volume, revenue, and profit, the number one seller across all categories was protection products. This makes sense with the increase in car ownership lengths. The longer a vehicle is owned by a buyer, the more they are going to want to ensure that it is protected. Whether that means keeping the interior floors clean with floor mats, or by purchasing paint protection plans, or even splash guards, car owners are going to great lengths to find accessories that will keep their vehicle protected. And keep it in great condition for the long haul.

When it comes to brand-specific accessory purchases, Japanese model vehicles raked in the most sales. The Toyota Camry was the most accessorized vehicle for Toyota. Accord saw the most sales for Honda, Altima for Nissan, and Sonata for Hyundai. Domestically, trucks, SUVs, and vans were the most accessorized models.

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