Seven Surprising Reasons to Let Your Children Enjoy Video Games

Video games are popular for people of all ages, although many people are still concerned about their effects on children. Fortunately, to help put your mind at ease, here are seven surprising reasons to let your children enjoy video games:

1. Video games help teach your children how to socialize with others.

When people think about video games, they often think about grown men living in their mothers' basements, locked away from the world. However, today's gaming experience allows people of all ages to communicate with each other and build friendships that can potentially last for life. Not only can people chat directly through many games, but they can also connect through various social networks to keep in touch.

2. Video games help teach children the value of teamwork.

Many video games are designed with cooperative campaigns that require teamwork to successfully complete. For example, in online games such as Ragnarok Online, guild events, such as raids or War of Emperium battles, require open communication and cooperation. If you do not work well as a team, you will not be invited to join many community groups, so children learn quickly how to effectively work with others.

3. Video games build problem solving skills.

Above anything else, video games force people to think about every move that they make. While this may be more obvious with puzzle games, even the most basic shooter game requires people to logically think things through.

4. Video games encourage strategic thinking.

Many of the best games require strategic thinking to accomplish goals. They require players to think about how they will upgrade their weapons or what skills they should learn to best accomplish certain goals. For example, in Left4Dead2, choosing a chainsaw while running through a horde of zombies in tight places will allow you and your team to effectively advance much more quickly.

5. Video games allow for positive reinforcement.

Most games reward players for their accomplishments throughout the game. By taking advantage of various ways to gain rewards, such as weapon upgrades or stat boosts, children learn that it is okay to take risks to achieve their goals. Being rewarded for their in game performance can also make them feel more confident outside of the game, and especially if they are among other gamers.

6. Video games help improve hand-eye coordination.

Although this benefit has been apparent ever since games first started appearing, it is even more true today. In fact, according to the February issue of Archives of Surgery, it was reported that when surgeons play games on a regular basis, they are less likely to make mistakes during operations.

7. Video games help bring families together.

There are plenty of video games that you and your children can play together. By making a game night of it, you can help create fond memories that will be remembered for years to come. For example, introducing family members to a new game is always a great source of entertainment.

Videos games have lots to offer not just for children, but everyone. By working with your children, you can help them grow in new and fascinating ways.

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Luke Harper is a former school teacher who is now a stay-at-home dad of four active children. When he can free up a few minutes, he loves to blog about child development on various Internet blog sites. To find lots of entertaining and educational children's online games, just go to

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