New Trends In Digital Advertising

Advertising is moving more and more from print publications to the digital world. So it is important to stay abreast of the trends in digital advertising, and know what is going on. Here are some of the hottest trends in internet marketing these days. 

Read on to learn about new advertising ideas:

Big data is bigger than ever

If you don’t know what big data is, you should. What big data means is the increasing collection of information on customers, and analytics on them. What that means is that you can more easily find out information on what your perfect customers will buy, what they like, and what they are not interested in. Internet cookies can capture some of that information, and track your customers from site to site. So you want to pay attention to what you learn there.

Increasing use of smartphones

More and more people are using smartphones these days – it is a growing part of digital marketing. Not only that, but the phones are being used for checking email, getting on the web, using apps, texting and all sorts of internet usage that has little to do with the phone function of the smartphones, and everything to do with the smart part of smartphones. So it is important to be involved with advertising that connects with smartphone users, from email advertising that can be read in multiple formats to ads that show up on ads to smartphone-specific ads.

Increasing use of tablets

Not only are smartphones gaining in popularity, but so are tablets like the iPad, the Kindle Fire, and other tablet-type computers. So you need to be aware of tablet-specific advertising. For example, many people buy a cheaper version of the Kindle Fire which features advertising every time you activate the device. Those targeted ads can draw attention and cut through the clutter of much internet advertising.

Email advertising is still doing well

One of the most powerful, yet underrated, advertising ideas is email advertising. This has several advantages – you can target customers in a way to better reach those who will buy your products or services. There is a bit of a halo effect when it comes to ads that run in beloved newsletters. Plus, with advertising platforms like LiveIntent, you can only have to pay for email ads for newsletters that are opened. That can be a very cost-effective method of advertising.

So why not experiment, and try one of these new advertising ideas? Good luck.

Author Bio:
Lisa Swan writes for computing and coaching websites. She lives in New York City.

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