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Keeping in shape and focused on daily life is difficult when most food and drink around us is somewhat detrimental to our health, not to mention the effects daily stress from work and home can cause on our bodies. When it comes to keeping an eye on our well-being, sometimes others are better at noticing changes than we are due to our hectic lives. The same could be said about certain gadgets that are designed to monitor key indicators and provide information to us about our routines and physical status. Below, we'll find several that aim to improve our well-being and give us more information about our daily habits.

Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Scale

The Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Scale is a revolutionary approach to monitoring weight loss or gain. The scale functions much like a normal scale, displaying your weight in an easy to read digital display. Simultaneously, the gadget collects body fat information by sending an electrical current through your feet and throughout your body. Using the Fitbit app installed on your computer or mobile device, you will be able to see data for each time you use the scale. If you don't live alone, you'll be happy to know that the Fitbit Aria can be configured to accommodate up to 8 different people. Online tools also come with the scale to allow you to track your food intake and exercise routines.

Withings Smart Baby Monitor

In the past, baby monitors were usually more like walkie-talkies, allowing you to hear any noise going on in the baby's bedroom. These days, technology has allowed for more sophisticated designs such as the Withings Smart Baby Monitor, giving you access to both audio and video. This device is available straight from Apple and works with any iOS device, and as long as the Smart Baby Monitor is connected to a wireless network, you can monitor happenings from anywhere in the world. This gadget not only picks up audio and video, but can talk to your baby, play music and display temperature and humidity inside the room.

iHealth Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

So many suffer from high blood pressure and it is perhaps the single most destructive cause of heart-related issues later in life. The iHealth Digital Blood Pressure Monitor comes with blood pressure measuring devices and a dock for your iOS device, from which the data is beamed. The data collected from the blood pressure sleeve is then transmitted to the phone and recorded in a simple to use application. It is from here that you can view a history of both your systolic and diastolic blood pressures, giving you awareness and the ability to track your progress.

Lark Un-Alarm Clock & Sleep Sensor

Tracking your sleep is one of the most important things you can be doing that most people never think about monitoring. Fortunately, the Lark Un-Alarm Clock & Sleep Sensor can be used with any iOS device while being worn around the arm. It will monitor your movements, sleep schedule and display that information on your mobile device to give you more precise information into how well you are sleeping. The included cradle can charge both your iOS device and the wristband simultaneously, making it far more likely to be used on a regular basis.

Author Bio:
Peter Phillips-Rees is a naturopath in Hyde park, Australia. In his opinion, staying healthy can be the biggest blessing a human can recieve. Being technologically sound also helps him to suggest to people new ways of staying fit.

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