Go Green With These Great Gardening Apps

Unless your backyard is a stunning vista of concrete, there is always going to be something to do out there. The grass will need cutting and even when nothing else grows, you can guarantee that the weeds are always thriving. Some people are happy to leave their garden alone, but if you have grand designs and want to improve your garden, modern technology can be an enormous help. Apps for smartphones can help take the pain out of garden design. Apps can also save you time and money. So if you want to turn your garden into a paradise of lush foliage and cutting edge design, what iPhone apps can you use?

Garden Designer

The Garden Designer app is available for Apple and Android devices and it makes it incredibly easy to design your dream garden. You can let your imagination run wild and introduce swimming pools, decking and flowers galore. Fences and paving can be re-sized and the app is intelligent enough to place lawns beneath trees as opposed to the other way round. And once you have your garden design sorted, you just need to find someone else to do the work so you can sit back and enjoy the nice new view.


Unless you are a serious botanist, you probably can’t tell a flower from a virulent weed. Thankfully, if you buy the Flowerpedia app for iPhone, you don’t need to. The Flowerpedia app is an easy to use reference tool for common garden flowers. It will help you identity flowers you see in other people’s gardens, so if your neighbour has a beautiful array of blooms and you fancy something similar in your garden, use the Flowerpedia app to help you find out what the flowers are called. Once you know the correct name of the flowers, you can pop along to your local garden centre and buy them.

Eden Garden Designer

Planning the perfect garden is not always easy, especially if you are starting from scratch. The Eden Garden Designer for iPhone aims to make the design process a lot easier. Use the app to take a photograph of your garden and then drag and drop garden features and plants to see how they might look. The app won’t actually help you plant a new garden, but at the very least you can see how your backyard will benefit from some stone fountains, a topiary maze and a vast array of flowering shrubs.


Sometimes a garden needs to do more than just look pretty, and cultivating fruits and vegetables is a fun way of maximising your outdoor space. The iVeggieGarden app helps you plan your vegetable garden and monitor progress of your crops once planting is underway. The app has an extensive database of vegetable types, pests and diseases and it can even be used to track more than one garden if you have particularly green fingers. Upload information into the app about your garden and let the app help you to grow food for your family.

Author Bio:
Keith Fisher is a tree lopper in Melbourne. He is a gardening enthusiast and loves to spend time perfecting his garden. He is tech conscious and makes smart use of technology for gardening and other related purposes.

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