A visit to Yosemite National Park

A visit to Yosemite National Park is made even more enjoyable by leaving the driving to a professional and arriving by and visiting the park on a comfortable tour bus. Tour bus excursions to Yosemite include all the parks major sites including Bridal Veil Falls, El Capitan and Grizzly Giant.

See Yosemite with a Tour Bus

The Yosemite Valley has been inhabited for more than 3,000 years and has been a US National Park since 1890. The park is located 200 miles east of San Francisco and receives over 3 million visitors a year. Many of the parks visitors choose to spend all or park of their visit on one of the many guided tour bus tours of the park.

The proximity of Yosemite to San Francisco make it a natural for bay area visitors who arrive by plane to hop on a tour bus in front of their downtown hotel and make the 3-4 trip to the park for 2 -3 days, leaving the driving to professionals with the added perk of having a knowledgeable tour guide to boot.

Arriving at the park via tour bus allows you the opportunity to concentrate on absorbing the majestic landscape of towering cliffs, incredible waterfalls and lush meadows. No matter what time of year you choose to visit Yosemite opportunity abounds to fill your lungs with fresh mountain air, while you hike, horseback ride, bike, ski, snowshoe and more including rafting on the famous Merced River.

Your journey from San Francisco will take you through the San Joaquin Valley which is responsible for more than 12% of the total US agriculture production. From the fertile central valley you climb the mighty Sierra Nevada Mountains until you reach your destination in the Yosemite Valley and Yosemite National Park.

The 7 square mile valley is at the heart of the 1,200 square mile park and is home to a number of lodges and is one of the most popular sites for tourists from around the world. Other prominent features of the park are the 3,500 vertical granite wall known as El Capitan which soars straight up from the valley floor.

Tour bus excursions include most of the major features of the park including Yosemites waterfalls of which the most famous is Bridal Veil Falls. Bridal Veil falls nearly 4 times further than Niagara Falls and at 617 feet is the tallest Waterfall in the US.

Your tour is not restricted to the valley and a trip to the top of Yosemite at 8,000 feet is breathtaking. The views from the Glacier Point overlook are one of a kind and include Yosemite Falls and Half Dome. This incredible geologic feature was created by glacial activity which transported rocks here from great distances, including Half Dome.

Now trip to Yosemite could be considered complete without a visit to the parks biggest residents in Mariposa Grove. The grove is home to the largest stand of giant sequoias in the park including the biggest Grizzly Giant. Grizzly is about 1,800 years old and stands a staggering 209 feet tall and is 96 feet around at the ground.

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