4 Kickstarter Projects For Health And Fitness Enthusiasts

With the kind of stressful and hectic lives we lead today, it is extremely important to make sure that we remain healthy and fit. An increasing number of people are today realizing the importance of leading a healthy life, and are turning to various health and fitness measures to ensure they remain healthy. If you are one such fitness enthusiast, listed below are four incredible Kickstarter projects on fitness you should definitely check out.

The YogaMat

Are you a yoga enthusiast? Do you practice yoga on a daily basis? Do you believe in yoga being the ultimate medium for physical and mental healing? If yes, this Kickstarter project might grab your interest. The project was started by Ryon Lane from Chevy Chase, MD, who took up yoga after he broke his neck in a serious diving accident. Ryon designed a lightweight yoga mat that can fit into a backpack or even a purse, and can be carried anywhere with ease – the Yogomat. This mat is perfect for travelling, or for practicing almost anywhere – be it at home, at work, in the park, on the top of a hill, or even at the beach! Weighing only 2 pounds, the mat can fold up to the size of a newspaper. Moreover, the Yogomat is easy to maintain and clean, is eco-friendly, and is fully recyclable. The project needs backing to fund the first round of Yogomat production. So back it up, and help improve the lives of people via yoga.

My Favorite Run

Childhood obesity has doubled over the past 30 years and has become an issue of concern, since most children who are obese, are likely to be obese as adults. This is the underlying concern behind this amazing project started by Katherine Richards from Auburn, CA.  A runner and fitness trainer herself, Katherine came up with the idea of a children’s picture book series on running. The motive is to come up with a book that will motivate and inspire children to lead a healthy and active life right from the beginning. The book is basically a story about a little girl’s first running journey with her mother, and how the girl realizes the joy of running and leading a healthy life. The book also portrays the bonding and sharing experiences between parents and children while building a healthy lifestyle. At the moment there are no such books in the market, so if you also believe that every child should discover the joy of running and leading a healthy life, go ahead and back to the project!


This beautiful project narrates the story of African cycling and potential of these African cyclists to become the next cycling powerhouse. The focus of the film lies on the Kenyan Riders, an African cycling team, and the numerous obstacles in their path such as lack of proper resources and training infrastructure. Given the brilliant athletes that Kenya produces, can the Kenyan Riders compete with the best in the world? The documentary even features the 2012 Tour of Rwanda and the Kenyan Rider’s participation in it. The funding for this project will go into the full making of the documentary – editing, sound mixing, motion graphics, music rights and so on. So back this project to spread the untold story of African cycling.


Do you like listening to your favorite music numbers while jogging or while working out? Do your earbuds keep falling out every 2 steps that you take? Well, not anymore! This very issue of ear plugs falling off led to the birth of BudGrips – a device that is attached to the earbud and fits over the ear. This way, they earbuds will stay where they are – whether you run, jump, skate, bike or walk, your earbuds will remain exactly where they are! Find this project interesting? Go back it up!

Author Bio:
Ryan Gilchrist is a fitness buff and a frequent blogger. He adheres to his strict fitness routine and advises people to do the same inorder to lead a balanced life. He swears by his automatic rowing machine, as it helps him to get a full body workout.

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