Make Lots Of Money Using 5 Special Techniques To Build Great Relationships

Do you want to know the secret to becoming rich on the Internet today? It was different in the past when everyone was just discovering websites for the first time. You could put up the ugliest sales page in the world and if you found a way to drive traffic to it you would make money. There is so much competition today and it's harder to be noticed. People are also much more cautious because they know a few bad eggs only want to steal their money from them.

The secret to becoming rich on the Internet today is relationships. To be more specific it's actually great relationships with your readers and customers. It makes sense because if someone likes you as a person they will trust you when you offer them something. Before you can make lots of money you first need to build up the trust, so we're going to look at some of the best ways you can do this. It's vital to your future success that people trust you more than anyone else online.

Start an email list

When you land inside someone's inbox you can easily build up a relationship with them by giving out great advice. There is a big difference between writing on a blog and sending someone an email, because one of them feels a hundred times more personal. Although nearly everyone will realize you're not typing out a message directly to them they will still feel like you're speaking to them one-on-one. Ask them to reply to the emails and the relationship will be even stronger.

Give people results

If someone helped you would you trust them? I'm not just talking about giving people information that can change their life. You actually need to tell them exactly how to do it by giving them easy steps to follow. Not everyone can take something they read in a blog post and apply it to their life. You need to become a teacher instead of writing useless posts that make you look good. It's not essential to do it every time you post something, but it has to be done.

Offer them gifts

When someone gives you a gift you think they are a generous person. You don't think they are evil and this is exactly why it's the perfect way to build up a relationship with someone. They will gradually start feeling positively about you. When you go to sell them something they won't think you are evil because you're the person that gives them free gifts, so they automatically think of you as trustworthy.

Let them hear your voice

It's hard to really know someone if you only read what they are writing. You get a much better idea of who someone is as a person when you hear their voice. That is why podcasts are becoming so popular and everyone thinks they know the presenters. If you want to take it one step further you can also shoot videos. It's easy to upload them to YouTube and when you embed them on your site the readers will instantly become your online friend.

Don't sell all the time

When you try to sell all the time it makes people think you only care about the money. Even if you're struggling to rub two cents together you shouldn't sell too much. Just remember that it's a long-term process and it takes months, or even years to build a proper relationship with someone. It takes much less time to destroy it and that is what you'll be doing every time you flash a shiny new product in someone's face.

Author Bio:
Kish Winner runs a successful online business. He feels that online money making can be possible, but to sustain it requires building relationships with your customers. guideon selling on Amazon is the perfect remedy to take your online business to new heights. A passionate blogger he writes about various topics.

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