Are Cheap Tyres Really the Best Option?

When shopping for new tyres for a vehicle, it is often tempting to buy the cheapest ones available in order to save a bit more money. However, settling for discount tyres can potentially cause you more trouble in the long run because of the lower quality. 

To help you out, the following are just 4 of the reasons why you may not want to go with the cheapest tyres:

1. Cheap tyres do not last as long.

Depending on the brand you buy, the treads on your tyres may wear down more quickly. When the tread wears down, you lose traction that can potentially result in an accident. However, tyres of higher quality are built to last, so you will ultimately save more money and be safer on the roads.

2. Discount tyres may not be as safe.

Many cheap tyres that enter the market may not be safe. In fact, many industry experts often recommend avoiding tyres produced by Chinese companies because of the poor quality. For example, many tyres are sold that lack basic safety and performance features, such as nylon cap piles, bead wedges, gum strips, and belt stiffeners. Without the basics, you can put yourself and others at risk by having such tyres attached to your vehicle.

3. Cheap tyres may not fit your machine.

If you are looking for tyres to fit a particular vehicle, you may have a more difficult time finding discount tyres because the brands often provide less selection. The lack of selection can become problematic because any wrong purchases can cost you even more than originally anticipated. However, no matter what the selection is like, you have to make sure to still compare tyre prices to potential get the best deal.

It is also handy to remember that certain vehicles may require different tyres for the same machine. For example, motorcycles have different requirements for both front and tear tyres that must be taken into account. If you do not check the requirements, you may make wrong purchases that will only take more out of your wallet.

4. Cheap tyres may make your vehicle unappealing.

If you are trying to sell your vehicle, having cheap tyres may lessen the value in the eyes of a private buyer. By ensuring that you have quality tyres on your machine, you may be able to increase the selling price to get more money in your pocket.

Additionally, discount tyres may not pass vehicle inspections, so you may have an even more difficult time finding potential sellers. Even if you have to purchase new tyres, you can still add the old ones to the deal in case a buyer wants them for private use.

In your quest to save money, do not put yourself and others at risk just to save a couple of bucks. To best get the most out of your vehicle, it is important to spend more money to ensure that you get high quality performance.

Author  Bio:
Lewis Cooke is an auto technician. He frequently shares tips of great parts that he gets in his office with readers of automobile blogs.
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