Ways To Control Your Home With A Smartphone

Home management systems are a perfect example on how technology has advanced at a lightning pace. Gone are the days when smartphones only meant access to business emails and smart photography. Now, they are not only used for conventional purposes but also to control and manage home appliances, digital video recorder, thermostats, security systems, lightning, coffee makers, kitchen and bathroom automation, smart television sets and pet feeders. This is made possible with the help of free of cost phone applications such as Insteon and Ube. Here are the 4 ways in which you can engage your smartphone to control your home.

Smart lightning and home automation - No matter how far you are located, the Insteon application gives you a platform to access every single lightning unit and other common kitchen or bathroom appliances with extreme easiness. Suppose you have to work till late midnight, then you can set the appliances and lights to an automatic timer mode with the help of an additional tool called SmartLinc. SmartLinc is an affordable web based controller that can be accessed with the Insteon app to switch off light-bulbs, lamps, thermostats, and many other home appliances. Insteon connects to the device through a customized IP address synchronized specifically for this purpose. This application is available on Google and Apple market for free. 

Simplified Air conditioning control systems - The combination of MyAir application and device can be used to control the air conditioning unit in your home with the help of an iPhone or iPad. The touch screen device assists you by providing vital information regarding the rooms in which air conditioning is under working mode. It also prompts you to shut down the airflow in rooms that are vacant. Power consumption can be considerably reduced with the help of this superior device designed specifically for people with a busy schedule. The automatic turn on and off option is available in only few brands such as Daikin, LG, Panasonic, and Fujitsu. 

Smart thermostats - Superior technology has made inside house temperature control possible with the help of a cool device called Nest. It is a smart thermostat that connects to an iPhone application through a Wi-Fi connection. You can simply control the air temperature to minimize the electricity bills by a great amount. For instance, you can ask the thermostat to start the process of lowering down the temperature when you are about to enter your home after a hot summer afternoon meeting. 

Powerful Security Systems - A smart key technology apparatus, Lockitron, helps you to lock or unlock the garage or main entrance from anywhere with your iPhone. You can customize the device to operate at a particular point of time to allow your neighbor to feed your pet or for any other essential work. This can be done with the help of digital keys, which shut down the whole security system at a designated time. It makes the process of handing over all the house keys to your neighbor hassle-free. You can completely enjoy the vacations without worrying about any undesirable thing happening to your house.

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