Top Android Games For The Year 2013

There is an array of games available for Android handsets. Many new sources of entertainment were introduced in the beginning of 2013. You can take a look at some of the popular games to get a better idea.

It isa famous game for android handsets that will cost you as less as $ 19.99. To score high, you need to mix several gems to nuke larger groups. Now, rotate, tilt and flip your phone to make high scores.

Red Stone:
Red stone is among the best square shuffling games ever developed for Android users. However, you need to use your intelligence to win the battle. It is considered as one of the hardest games ever available. You need to set an exit for the fat king square, which is four times the normal pawn squares to succeed. It has received good ratings from the users.

Newton Lite:
Newton is a perfect game for science lovers. It is a combination of mathematics and physics. Its developers have used the laws of nature, mirrors, and much more to give uniqueness to it. They are still in search of more levels and challenges in the game. The new version is expected to be introduced soon.

Drop for Android
The Drop is another popular game that is ruling the entertainment world. To succeed you need to make the bouncy ball drop in between the gaps of the platform. As you proceed, the complexity of the level will increase. The more accurate you are, higher will be your chances of winning.

Frozen Bubble:
You might have heard about the Frozen Bubble. It has an ancient background and concept. You will be asked to fire at the gems to create little groupings of gems. You just need to visit the app store to download it. So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to overcome the next challenge.

Replica Island:
To cross several challenges of the Replica Island, you need to jump, collect new things on the way, bounce and perform many other actions. Cross different levels to succeed. Speed matters in a game like Replica Island. So, ensure that you are faster than your opponents.

Gem Minor:
Those who are in search of something different than the typical puzzle or Mario type games could download Gem Minor. In this game, you will be asked to dig new things out of the ground. The more raw materials you find, the higher will be your digging power. By gaining this power, you could buy better tools and maps to find your way. It is a perfect game for Android built phones.

It is a common square based puzzle game. As the name suggests, you need to connect squares of similar colors with each other. You cannot connect blue to red or yellow to green. It is based on simple concepts, which are easy to understand.

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