The Greenest Cars Of 2013

The world has gone green, well greener than it was. Last year we saw a number of amazing cars that really could get an astonishing number of miles to the gallon and this year looks even better. We’ve seen a continuation in this trend.

The number of cars considered low emission is increasing and all manufacturers are trying and succeeding in producing models that manage to meet the 100g CO2 per KM area. These low emission cars are challenging the way we used to drive and the engines we used to use – so, let’s take a look at the top autos for 2013.

Ford Fiesta Eco Boost
Ford’s EcoBoost technology has been used in the Focus to notable effect and the little Fiesta is going to party with the low emissions too it seems. The little engine delivers the performance of a 1.6l engine, though with low emissions thanks to the innovative three cylinder engine. The car will also come with a capacity for high mileage and excellent fuel consumption and it seems Ford is really pushing it towards the youth market from the look of things.

Renault Clio Diesel
The all new Clio uses the DeZir concept car for inspiration and comes with a selection of engines. On the green front the most notable is the 1.5dCI model, which can manage 88mpg and also 83g of CO2 over a kilometre. The engine isn’t underpowered either and can manage decent speeds thanks to its 90BHP engine.

VW Golf BlueMotion
This diesel engine Golf won the European Car of the Year and manages 23% better fuel economy than the previous model. It is 109kg lighter and can manage 88mpg according to reports, with a carbon output of only 85g. Even the traditional 1.6TDI cuts beneath the 100g of carbon per KM mark. It’s a testament to the engineering at VW.

Dacia Sandero
Green motoring doesn’t have to be expensive and the new Dacia Sandero manages to prove this with a very economical 75mpg and a 99g CO2/KM limit. It also costs under £6,000 and can be gotten on car leasing deals for a small price considering it’s a brand new car. As the most affordable UK car to purchase, its fuel economy really is something of note.

Volvo V60
It’s not just small cars that manage to be green and the new Volvoe V60 is capable of wonders too. The first plug in hybrid diesel, it comes with a 5 cylinder engine and 215bhp, as well as a 70bhp electric motor that powers the rear wheels to 32miles of motoring. The car can offer combined mpg of 155 and produces only 48g/km. It also can hit 60mph in 5.8 seconds – who said fuel economy was boring, or Volvo for that matter.

These cars offer astounding fuel economy, low carbon footprints and amazing mileage per gallon and are certainly worth a look if you’re on the search for car leasing deals in the coming 12 months.

Author Bio:
Cormac Reynolds is a journalist and lover of green technology. He has written for a wide range of automotive and green blogs and sites.
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