Jaguar Launches M5 Rival - The XFR-S

In competition with the latest in BMW products, the M5, Jaguar has recently shown off its new XFR-S at the Geneva Motor Convention, a beast of an automobile that challenges innovation and technological breakthroughs in every part. 

The Jaguar XFR-S is sleek, powerful, and fast, but is also smart and built to last. While other vehicles are designed for economical savings, citywide cruising, mountain trailing, or need-for-speed highway acceleration, the XFR-S combines the benefits from all of these categories into one mighty goliath that still has a body to impress the neighbors.

The XFR-S features a transmission that is capable of switching between both automatic and manual modes, allowing the driver to take control when he/she wants while giving it a rest every now and then and letting the car take over. 

Even while the transmission is in manual mode, however, the engine uses sensors to ensure that the correct gear has been engaged before making any turns. That means that sportscar-enthusiasts can be in control, while amateurs have the satisfaction of knowing they are driving an “oops-proof” car.

With 550 BHP of power and 501 FT LBS of torque, this car’s 5.0-liter supercharged V8 engine uses an 8-speed transmission to deliver power and responsiveness into every move. 

Surprisingly, these feats haven’t put a damper on the vehicle’s fuel economy, as the XFR-S still gets 24.4 MPG with fuel emissions at only 270 g/km. The XFR-S will hit 62 MPH in just 4.4 seconds, with a top speed of 186 MPH. Additionally, smart sensors throughout the engine and dashboard analyze how the car is being handled by the driver and responsively reacts to those conditions to make driving this beast more fun. 

To quote Top Gear Magazine, “If you're being a bit lairy, it'll throw cogs at you like Donkey Kong throwing barrels, but if you're being a bit more relaxed and gentle with the throttle it will change the shift to something a bit smoother and lower down the rev band.”

While its design is sleek and gorgeous to look at, its aesthetic properties have more important value. Its large front-end helps to provide adequate airflow into the engine block, the side structures prevent drag on the car, and a carbon fiber diffuser keeps the vehicle low to the ground at all times, which improves performance. The interior consists of carbon leather with micro-piping and stitching designed to give the seats a contrasting highlight.

Built in limited numbers, the Jaguar XFR-S sells for roughly $99,000 (or £79,995) and will be available in May 2013 in French Racing Blue, Ultimate Black, Stratus Gray, Polaris White and Italian Racing Red. 

Car enthusiasts who want one of these amazing vehicles must act fast, however, as the United States will only receive 100 Jaguar XFR-S’s in the 2014 model year, while the number of vehicles released to Europe for that time period is still unknown at this point.

Author Bio:
Lester Gould is a film writer and car enthusiast. He creates indie films for a living and is always excited to check out sports car offers of local dealers in NSW.
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