Is Twitter Traffic Worthless? Well, Yes, And No...

When Twitter first exploded onto the scene, everyone jumped on it because of the amazing potential they felt Twitter had. However, over time many people began to feel that Twitter may be great for increasing website traffic, but this traffic really didn't do anything good. While the common belief is that any traffic is good traffic still holds some truth in internet marketing strategies, Twitter does provide an ideal example of how fruitless increasing your website traffic can actually be.

While there is really no argument that Twitter caused a lot of pointless traffic for websites, this isn't the entire story. Twitter is still a very viable marketing resource but you have to be aware of its limitations and have to have a strategy that works around them.

Twitter Limitation

The biggest limitation Twitter presents from a marketing perspective is that most of the traffic you can get from it will be extremely unfocused. Because Tweets are only allowed to contain a limited amount of characters, they tend to be less specific.

This means if you are using keywords to generate traffic for your website, you really have no way of knowing who is going to visit your site. While keywords are effective for search engine traffic the same is not true of Twitter. Because of the limitation of space, if you want to have useful traffic from Twitter you have to be a bit more selective in not only what you say but who you say it to.

Forget About Keywords

When it comes to making what you say effective on Twitter you need to get rid of the idea of keywords. Again keywords are an effective tool for online search traffic, but their general nature makes them very bad for developing targeted traffic on Twitter.

For example, say you own a website about classic cars. While sending out a Tweet that said “check out these classic cars” would generate a lot of traffic, a Tweet that said “check out the 1965 Corvette Stingray” would be generate a lot more targeted response. It's not hard to be specific with a few words, you just have to be careful.

Build Solid Profile

Once you understand how to use Tweets to get the traffic you want, the next step is making sure it goes to the people you want. While Twitter profiles are not as extravagant as Facebook profiles, they still yield a lot of information about who the person behind the Tweet is. By crafting a solid profile that is targeted specifically to your website you can ensure you only get followers that are actually interested in what you say.

While at one time people wanted as many Twitter followers as possible, we have a better understanding of what social media can and can't do. While all traffic may be good traffic, targeted traffic is the best traffic you can get.

So is Twitter traffic worthless? The answer to this question really depends on how you use it. Twitter can increase your traffic but if it's not the traffic you want, it doesn't do you much good.

Author Bio:
Working with Twitter and other social media outlets to build a website, Roger Sykes has done what many people hope to. He now has a large number of websites created to earn passive income so he can enjoy life and teach others.

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