Can You Live Without Your Mobile Phone?

Most of us have a mobile phone somewhere on our person at any given time. Just look around any public transport hub and most of the people there will be chatting on their phone or otherwise engrossed in the screen. But although mobiles are undeniably a massive part of modern life, how addicted are you and can you live without your precious mobile phone?

Mobiles And Friends

The classic sign of someone who cannot bear to be parted from their beloved mobile phone is the friend who spends more time checking their phone than engaging in conversation with you. You know the type: they come round to your house, ostensibly to catch up on the latest gossip, but then do very little apart from read and answer text messages while you provide food and drinks.

Keeping It Under The Pillow

Mobile phones are such an important part of some people’s lives that they literally cannot be without their mobile for a second. But although keeping a mobile tucked into a handbag on a night out is perfectly acceptable, taking a mobile to bed and using it to check email or watch silly videos online rather than converse with your other half is a sign you have a mobile phone addiction.

Oh No – I Lost My Mobile Phone!

Imagine this scenario: You dropped your mobile phone down the toilet when you went clubbing at the weekend and now it is irreparable. 

Do you feel: 

a) - Suicidal – you would ring the Samaritans, but their number was on your phone contacts list so now you don’t have access to it… 

b) - Annoyed and upset – you hate having to claim on your phone insurance because it means you end up paying the insurance excess 

c) - You don’t care really – you never used the stupid thing anyway, so not having a mobile phone won’t make a blind bit of difference 

If you answered c), well done, you can clearly live without your mobile phone and even though the rest of the population needs their mobile phone to survive, you are in a much happier place.
If you answered b), all is not lost—although you clearly rely on your mobile phone a lot of the time, you can live without it for a few days without suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
But if you answered a), you obviously can’t live without your mobile phone and if something catastrophic did happen to your handset, life as we know it would end until a replacement arrived. So if this is you, make sure you buy a comprehensive phone insurance policy that guarantees a replacement handset within 48 hours to reduce the stress of trying to cope without a phone.

Mobile Phone Detox

Sometimes, the only way to cure an unhealthy attachment to a mobile phone is going ‘cold turkey’ for a while. Yes, I am talking about locking your mobile in a drawer and giving the key to a trusted person. It will be tough for the first few days, but eventually you will enter a serene, happy place where modern technology is just not essential.

The day Clare dropped her old mobile into the pond was a dark day indeed. She cried for hours over her loss and not even a tub of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream could console her. But every cloud has a silver lining and because her old mobile was no longer available, the insurance company provided a brand new Samsung Galaxy S2 as a replacement.

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