5 Apps You Need Before Attending Your Next Conference

There's something about a big business seminar that leaves you feeling exhausted even before you get there! So much to see, remember, write, ugh! Well now that we've entered the smartphone data age, there are many applications that can easily increase your attention, productivity and organization. In this article I have specified 5 of my favorite apps. These apps also happen to be some of the top selling apps as well.

Before we dive in, it should go without saying that if the conference you’re going to has their own conference app you should most definitely download that first! There are some great white label conference app companies out there, and many enterprise level companies use them as the mobile app platform for their events.

The first app is highly valuable as note taking is a must, but most presenters flash their presentations back and forth on the screen so much, that you don't have time to write anything down.

# 1 App Is Evernote

Despite how state-of-the-art seminars and modern technology can be, the number one task for each conference attendee is to meet as many participants as you can. How likely is it for you to remember and retain all of the information that you need to?Evernote is the favorite note taking app of online marketers and businessmen, and for obvious reasons.

# 2- CardMunch

There's little uncertainty that one of the largest pluses of going to an in-person conference is networking. The more individuals you meet, the more additional company cards you obtain. At huge seminars, you might not be able to close your wallet. This is where CardMunch comes in. CardMunch will scan all of these cards and immediately transmit the information to your LinkedIn account. This makes it easier to connect and follow up. Now that is a way to network!

# 3- Foursquare

For sizable seminars, Foursquare is an excellent app to have at your disposal. Not just from a business standpoint, but because of a personal one as well. Do note, however, that to have this app you can't be afraid of the technology finding you. Foursquare promptly reveals your whereabouts to individuals that you allow to monitor you. Say you need to head to Texas for your golf manufacturing conference and your long time buddy is that driving range. He can easily track you down, pick you up during your lunch break and take you to hit some balls. Your spouse might find Foursquare handy too, for obvious reasons.

# 4- Shoeboxed

No more messy situations! Who doesn't have a paper mess to get rid of? Despite what your office and desk looks like, you can be organized on your smartphone with Shoeboxed! Whether you're fixing to discover, network or create things for a specific gathering, shoeboxed does the job. Even mom will fall in love with this app! Gather your business receipts and Shoeboxed will go into automation mode and label the date, costs, what you paid with and what category the receipt should be labeled under. No more crumply paper receipts like from your last conference.

# 5- Evernote: Hello 

Yet another terrific networking application is Evernote Hello. With your approval, this application will link your timer, clock, LinkedIn profile, Facebook account, and even more to assist you in your business duties. At a conference this app is key!

Hopefully these app ideas will get you moving in the right direction for your next business conference or seminar. Downloading the aforementioned mobile apps in time for your event will help you to stay organized.

Author Bio:
Bridget Streyers has worked on the technical side of the event planning industry for over 10 years. To learn more about using a mobile conference app to meet your needs check out doubledutch.me.

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