Wireless Charging - What Are The Pros And Cons?

Wireless charging uses an electromagnetic field technology to transfer energy from one object to another. In it the energy is sent through an inductive coupling. Below are the pros and cons discussed about such wireless charging that is becoming popular rapidly with mobile devices.

Advantages of Wireless Charging

No tangle of cords
The first and foremost advantage of wireless charging is to get rid of tangle of cords. In today's tech crazy world there is more than one device in every house. All the devices need charging at least once a day due to high usage. With wireless charging there is no worries to search for the exact charger and wait for the plug point to get freed with other charging device. It is smart move to just keep the device on the mat and stay cool. It gets charged easily.

No risk of losing charging adapters
With the wireless charging there is no risk of losing charging adapters or other charging accessories.

Note of convenience
Wireless charging is convenient than other types of chargers. It does not require plugging things into the wall but to simply carry it within the range of a charging device. This will charge automatically.

Lower risk of electrical shock
With the wireless charger there is very low risk of getting electrical shocks as it is not exposed to conductors.
Every product has pros as well as cons. So do have the wireless charging too. Below are few disadvantages of it:

Disadvantages of Wireless Charging

Lower efficiency and heat wastage
This is the main cons of wireless charging. It has lower efficiency and the resistive heat is more than direct contact charging. Lower frequency devices charge very slowly. Same is the case with older drive technologies.
It is smart move to just keep the device on the mat and stay cool. It gets charged easily.

The cost of manufacturing wireless charger is more. Hence, the price of it is also high compared to normal chargers.

No mobility
The mobile device must be kept on the pad for charging. It cannot be moved around as it is with direct contact charger with wire. It also cannot be operated while charging.

As of now there are no de facto standards of wireless charger.
The disadvantages are overshadowed by the advantages of wireless charging, and this is the reason more and more people are going ahead to buy at least one wireless charger.

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